If you would have told me two or three years ago that I would be a LUSH, I would have laughed and made some sort of hipster joke. It’s sad, but true. I thought LUSH was for those who had satin-lined pockets and snobby noses… and I was wrong.  Fast-forward to now and I can’t NOT go into the LUSH store when I go to the Mall – even if it is just to look around and not buy things.  LUSH has rekindled my love for the tub… and it is beautiful.


Now, you are probably thinking that this whole post is just one big, sloppy kiss on the mouth to LUSH – and you’d be right, but not in the way you think..

You might recall that I have to wear a face-mask for when I go out in public. Compromised immune systems and crowds do not go well together so I rock a Vogmask. You get a lot of weird reactions. People think that you are plague-incarnate and I tend to be avoided by sales people in the stores, for the most part. Enter LUSH. Every time I go in I am greeted warmly and it’s like I am part of the family. IT. IS. WONDERFUL! It is a really nice change of pace. I love being treated like a normal person rather than “a weirdo who is probably carrying the plague.” (Call me crazy.) Everyone is so incredibly helpful and chatty. If you happen to go in when they’re not busy, they will even chat with you and offer samples. The last time I went in there was such a nice experience it inspired me to talk about some of the things I love from LUSH.

I was so lucky the other day when I went in I was greeted with a plethora of bath-bombs. More times than not when I go in they are almost out. With the boost from social media, LUSH has become SUPER popular and while that is awesome – it also means that my local LUSH is generally out of the cult favorites most of the time. You can always order online, though, so that’s wonderful. When it comes to bath and body products, I would rather get them in person. I’m weird like that, I guess.


While I tend to just stick with bath-bombs and my Mask’o’Mag. I have been slowly trying new things from their collection. I have tried several bubble bars and bubbleroons as well and they are lovely. I am kinda picky when it comes to scents. I am a huge fruity/citrus scent fan, yet when it comes to herbs (except TEA TREE) or floral things…not so much. For some reason, my nose does not like heavily floral scents…much to my green thumb tendencies, but I am starting to digress.



  1. Mask of Magnaminty: I swear by this stuff twice a week. It is amazing for any and all with troublesome skin or those who get Mylar rashes. I will slather this green stuff on while I am in the tub and watch an episode of Robot Chicken before washing it off and getting out of the tub. Your skin will feel as soft as a baby’s bottom! (Pictured below.) PRO TIP: Put your container in the fridge for an extra ‘chillifying’ experience. LOVE IT! I usually get the small tub of the Self-Preserving Mask of Mag which gives me about 7-9 masks per pot. If you’re wondering about how much it costs – $12.95 for the small (4.4oz) tub which means each mask-use comes out to about $1.50ish. Not a bad deal if you ask me!
  2. Fizzbanger Bath Bomb: Behold the awesomeness that is an apple-cinnamon combination with an added snap, crackle, and pop surprise. It starts out with a yellow fizz then turning blue at the core, leaving your bath a bright green color. Like some of the other bath-bombs, LUSH leaves a little note in the center and this one says ‘BANG!’
  3. Brightside Bubble Bar: Not all bath-times deserve bubbles, but when you’re in the mood for a soak with the suds, this bubble bar is perfect. It’s filled with a bright, citrusy scent. Unlike the bath-bombs, you don’t throw this whole baby into the tub – otherwise you’d have bubbles all the way to the ceiling. What I like to do is cut my bubble bars into quarters and use one-quarter per bath. Just the perfect amount if you ask me.
  4. Avobath Bath Bomb: My skin doesn’t like me sometimes, either with being super sensitive or breaking out into various rashes. I like to chill in the tub to help sooth my persnickety skin and this bath bomb helps me do so. It is made with REAL avocados and has a light citrus scent.
  5. Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon: Like the Brightside bubble bar, I tend to cut this baby up into two for the perfect amount of skin softening, chocolately-orange scented bubble bath. This bubbleroon is filled with Shea butter and coconut oil and makes my skin so buttery smooth.


I will say that LUSH is more on the higher end of the price range with their products. Averaging about $6 for a bath bomb, $9 for a bubble bar, $11 for their massage bars, and $7 for one of their fresh face masks. When you start getting into their moisturizers and cleansers, the price tends to jump exponentially. The reasoning behind that is mostly due to the fact that their products are made from top-notch ingredients and ethical buying practices…. AND THEY ARE ALL MADE BY HAND. [They have lots of information on the company if you’d like to read all about it.] Oh, and they are against animal testing. So that’s aweosme!

For someone who has sensitive skin, I have to be careful of what I put on it. I haven’t found anything at LUSH that has caused me to breakout or rash or something uncomfortable like that. My favorite LUSH bath combo for when I’m feeling poorly is to crumble in one-quarter of a Brightside Bubble Bar, toss in an Avobath Bomb, and soak. I generally have my iPad playing some sort of movie or music. about 20 minutes before I get out (YES, I take long baths sometimes… it’s my right as a human being.) I will toss on my Mask of Mag. and let it work its magic on my face before rinsing off 10-15 minutes later and getting out of the tub.

If you are wanting to try a product and want to be absolutely sure it will work for you – get a sample (or two) so that you can give it a go before you purchase. Samples can be made out of everything except the bath bombs, melts, and a few of the single-time use items. LUSH isn’t in everyone’s budget and I realize that, but if you have the ability to splurge every once in a while, I highly recommend it. It’s good to pamper yourself… because you deserve it. Or if you’re among the DIY persuasion, you can always google to see if there are DIY dupes. 

For sales, LUSH doesn’t have very many, in fact the only BIG one that I can think of is their Boxing Day Sale (which is the day after Christmas if you’re in the States) where it’s generally Buy One Get One Free on most of their holiday products. A lot of people tend to stock up on that day and their site goes out of stock FAST. I’ve heard that they do monthly, or bi-monthly events in stores but haven’t been able to attend one so I don’t really know what they are all about. If you do know, let me know in the comments.


And as an extra treat, check out this FRAKKIN’ AMAZING video… it’s insanely pretty.

Products that I haven’t tried, but want to: Space Girl bath-bomb, Dark Angel face scrub (my store is ALWAYS out and it makes me sad),  Fresh Farmacy soap, and Celestial moisturizer.

Are you a LUSHIE? Do you have any LUSH favorites? Any that I should try? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I hear about LUSH around the blogosphere from time to time but living where I do the likelihood I’ll ever see the inside of a LUSH store is nil. Which is probably good because they are def outside my budget but ooh they look awesomesauce. Have you tried the Dragon’s Egg one? I think I’d like that one but I do like florals too and the Sex Bomb sounds right up my alley.

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