Oh lawd, if there was one brand of makeup that I am thoroughly addicted to it is Sugarpill Cosmetics. 

So Many Pretties - Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadows

There is just something about those buttery, vibrant shades that sings to my inner Drag Queen and I am in love.

I was so tickled when my pressed eye shadow collection became complete last month. All 22 beautiful colors in my grasp. MUWAH HA HA HA HA HA. Of course I needed to have them neatly organized by hue… because I’m weird. If you’re curious how I made these two awesome pressed palettes check out my Nerds and Nomsense DIY here.


If you are curious of the colors here they are by column (top to bottom):

  1. , Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, Kitten Parade, @#$%! (limited edition), and Love+
  2. Frostine, Elemental Chaos, Poison Plum, 2am, Hotsy Totsy, and Dollipop
  3. Bulletproof, Soot and Stars, Subterranean, Candy Crush, Diamond Eyes, and Tako
  4. Velocity, Afterparty, Acidberry, Midori, and Mochi

Now you must know that Sugarpill doesn’t just carry pressed eyeshadows. They also have beautiful loose pigments, gorgeous eyelashes, and some really awesome makeup brushes. I currently own one of their loose pigments – Lumi – which is a phenomenal white pigment with a tealish-blue-silvery shade. Think duo-chrome. I am hoping to expand my collection during the Black Friday weekend since they tend to have an awesome sale. /fingers crossed!

There are a few reasons why I love this company and their products. For starters, their quality is fabulous. Each shade is super pigmented and buttery smooth. Secondly, they’re price is completely reasonable – especially for the amount of product you get:

Each pressed Sugarpill eyeshadow is retailed at $12 for 3.5oz compared to Urban Decay ($18 for 1.5oz) and MAC ($16 for 1.5oz). 

 And lastly, the company as a whole is brilliant. My goal one of these years is to meet Amy (the Sugarpill founder/CEO) in person, hopefully sooner than later. I love the fact that they are so customer-positive and they love to feature their customers’ looks on their social media profiles. I am not going to lie, I stalk their profiles on Instagram pretty religiously and love discovering new MUAs that they feature.

Amy, if you’re reading this – thanks for being awesome! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next!!!

Be sure to stay tuned in the next week or so. I’m doing a complete review of every pressed shadow Sugarpill has released – including pictures and a few looks based on the quads.


If you have a brand of eyeshadows that you are absolutely in love with, please let me know in the comments – I am all for trying new brands. I’ve got some reviews coming up for Star Crushed Minerals and Concrete Minerals.


Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post have been personally purchased by me. All the opinions in this post are 100% honest. 

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