The little voice in my head likes to tell me that I am a connoisseur of nerdy commodities. From wears to collectibles and everything in between… which means that I am a sucker for anything aimed at geeky girls who like to game, do cosplay / wear my fandoms and do other nerdy stuff too. Naturally, of course.

I found Gamer Girl Monthly through the internet grapevine and it was love at first byte. A subscription box centered around nerdy/geeky jewelry. Yes, please. Let me shut up and just throw money at you, alright?!?

G.G.M. “is a subscription that sends geeky gaming jewelry and collectibles to your door.  Every month, a box arrives with 3+ pieces of jewelry and other cool gamer stuff selected by girls, for girls.” They have only been rockin’ the subscription box world since June of this year. Price-wise, G.G.M comes to $13 /month + $3.99 postage! Each month you’ll receive 3-5 items of jewelry or collectibles and a nifty little bag to carry your new shiny friends in. Did I mention they also show up in a nifty Lola-esque red box? Like Lootcrate, these boxes tend to ship at the end of the month. That’s fine if you’re patient and don’t mind the wait. Kind of like a little present for making it through the month. Yeah. That’s exactly what its like.  Oh! Each month (like several other subscription box services out there) has a specific theme and everything in the box has to do with it… in some way or another.


This month’s theme from G.G.M was “FRIENDS!”

Since it is my first box from G.G.M. I really didn’t know what to expect. I stalked their Instagram feed as well as the #gamergirlmonthly hashtags across various social medias to kind of get an idea as to what might be in the box. A few of the items from months past looked a little structurally unsound and that they might break BUT never fear! Gamer Girl Monthly does offer a 30-day guarantee on any jewelry that might break. If it does, they will replace it free of charge!



  • Eevee Pokemon Charm Bracelet: I was a huge (and I mean HUGE) Pokemon fan when I was in middle school – to the point where I collected ALL of the original 8 gym badges from the card tournaments that they used to hold at Toys’R’Us. This bracelet is pretty sturdy and I think the bronzed chain goes well with the charms. Poor little Eevee trapped in those Pokeballs… where’s PETA when you need them. /kidding.
  • Companion Cube Earrings: I saw these and squealed. Portal is very near and dear to my heart… unfortunately I do not have my ears pierced (Shocker, right!?) so I will probably detach the charms and make one into a necklace and attach the other to my nerdy charm bracelet that I’ve been hording charms for.
  • Navi Necklace: Navi is Link’s friendly fairy companion from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This necklace is awesome. Plus, it’s silver and I love me some silver metal bling.
  • Red Yoshi Plushie Keychain: I’m not sure what I will be doing with this… I know that Bently and Vala were eyeing it like it was one of their toys. Christmas is coming and I’m sure one of my nerdy, little nieces or nephews would love it.
  • “Hey! Listen!” Navi Jewelry Bag: There’s a nice little design on it but aside from that it’s a little jewelry bag. I will probably gift it to someone unexpectedly in the coming months…

For the price and novelty of it, this is a gorram awesome box. The jewelry may not be top-notch but it’s decent and I love nerdy jewelry so I’m happy. I think it’s a cool subscription box and I can’t wait for next month’s theme which is:


Do you get any ‘nerdy/fandom’ monthly subscription boxes? Do you get Gamer Girl Monthly? If so, tell me about it in the comments and let’s chat!


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