Did you know that there is an entire week (well, technically four days) dedicated to Hogwarts Houses? I didn’t until I was happily alert by the lovely Steph Pressman, of Geek Chic TV, and you better believe that I jumped all up on it like Ron Wesley on some Butterbeer.

So, the lovely folks over at Fashionably Nerdy / Geek Chic TV hosted a little makeup contest in celebration of each House. If you’d like to read their article and see all of their looks -> go here. They are all super awesome, talented folks, and I highly recommend you go and check out their stuff… especially if you like nerdy things!

Sunday = Hufflepuff / Monday = Slytherin /
Tuesday = Gryffindor / Wednesday = Ravenclaw  12884615_10153958787262208_1248378941_n

I ended up starting a day behind – don’t worry I made up for it in the end. Going into the looks, I wanted to make them more wearable, less-crazy or avant-garde then the other looks I tend to create.  I also was gearing towards looks that embodied my idea of what members of each house would look like (except Gryffindor because I just wanted to do a badass Hermione Granger look…hahaha)

This is how I broke it down:

  • Hufflepuff: Naturalistic, hippy-esque, and cheerful.
  • Slytherin: Edgy, rocker vibes, with a DGAF mentality.
  • Gryffindor: Basically if Hermione was a grungy badass…
  • Ravenclaw: Nerdy, kinda snooty, and quite smartass vibes.

Hopefully, these looks came across how I wanted them to. I tried to make them all as unique as I could. I even left out my standard winged eyeliner for a look or two. Scary, ain’t it?!? You can look for the pod later. All of the makeup details are listed in the descriptions of the IG posts. If you have any further questions, let me know in the comments below! I’m also going to update this post a little later with a few other pictures from each of these looks. They’re just on my other computer. 

I wanted to show off some of my favorite “natural” wigs from Penny Dreads & Wigs, too. So, for all of these looks, I am wearing a different Penny Dreads’ wig. I am planning on doing a whole Show’n’Tell of some of my favorite wig brands in my Wig out Wednesday Series (which will be starting soon!).


Happy as a Hufflepuff! Woo hoo, Wizards, we made it! Since I missed #HufflepuffHousePride Day on Sunday, I ended this little venture on a happy note today. For this house, I wanted to keep this look sun kissed and natural-ish. Did I mention I love any look with faux freckles. Makeup Details: @smashboxcosmetics Camera Ready BB Water in Light, under eye primer, photo finish eye primer, @ppipremiereproducts Zombie Palette (for the freckles), @occmakeup John Doe cream color concentrate and Sebastian pencil, @katvondbeauty Tattoo Brow pens in blonde and light brown, @beccacosmetics Opal and Pearl Highlighters and Flowerchild blush, @lunatick_cosmetic_labs contour book, @benefitcosmetics They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer, @espionage_cosmetics Everything Shadows in Sun and Stars, Wub-Wub, and Karei with the last two mixed with the Kiss of Death Lip Serum in Guilded Force. My wig is from @pennydreads in the style Brigid. #makeup #Hufflepuff #cosplay #igmua #harrypotter #fashionablynerdy #ohjaechaos #redhead #espionagecosmetics #pennydreadsandwigs #kvdlook #freckles #smashbox #beccacosmetics #yellow #benefit #occmakeup #natural #naturalmakeup #sunkissed #nerd #nerdmakeup

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Rejoice, Wizards, I barely finished in time for Slytherin Pride Day. Many thanks to @stephpressman for bringing @geekchictv’s little hogwarts houses makeup thingy to my attention. MUWAH HA HA HA HA. PS: before you start grumbling at me…I’m a Ravenclaw, technically, I just like dressing up like someone who will AVADA KADABRA random strangers. It keeps everyone on their toes. Makeup Deets: @thekatvond / @katvondbeauty Lock It Foundation Primer and Foundation in Light 42, Bosch liner, and immortal Lash Mascara, @urbandecaycosmetics waterline pencil in legend and freak, @nudestix Brown/Black Brow duo, @espionage_cosmetics Manifestation, Double Kill and Vault Hunter Everything Shadows (for both eyes and lips), @sugarpill Grand Tiara loose eyeshadow, @jeffreestarcosmetics Weirdo and Mistletoe Velour Liquid Lipsticks (mixed together), @lunatick_cosmetic_labs contour palette and pressed mystifying and mattifying powder (LOVE!), and @beccacosmetics pressed and poured in Pearl. My wig is Cats Meow from @pennydreads and my faux septum is from @hottopic…and not that you can see it but my shirt is from @jordandenenyc and it says “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.” I’m going to wear my other HP shirt tomorrow. #harrypotter #makeup #hogwartshouses #slytherin #igmua #espionagecosmetics #nerdmakeup #pennydreadsandwigs #becca #jeffreestarcosmetics #kvdlook #kvdbeauty #lunaticcosmetics #nudestix #cosplay #dark #green #sugarpill #geekchictv #fashionablynerdy #hogwartshousepride

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“It’s levy-O-sah, not levy-ohsah!” Fierce Hermione Realness. Happy #gryffindorpride Day! A little late but better late than never. #hogwartshousepride #geekchictv #fashionablynerdy Makeup Details: @urbandecaycosmetics Naked Skin Foundation in 1.0, Fair Neutral concealer, Rail Waterline Pencil Baked Heavy Metal glitter liner, @thekatvond / @katvondbeauty primer, Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette, Metal Crush Eyeshadows in Thunderstruck and Vampira Everlasting Lipstick , Thrasher, and Raw Power, @sugarpill Goldilux and Bulletproof shadows, @lauragellerbeauty Maui baked blush, @benefitcosmetics they’re real tinted lash primer and roller lash mascara. Accessories from @hottopic and the wand is from Hogwarts, obviously. Wig is From @pennydreads called Toffee. #makeupartist #makeup #gryffindor #kvdlook #kvdbeauty #urbandecaycosmetics #ud #hogwarts #hermionegranger #timeturner #vampira #sugarpill #laurageller #katvond #harrypotter #nerd #cosplay #nerdmakeup #hottopic #benefit

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“I’m a Ravenclaw, tried and true.” Hey! I’m doing a look for the house I was sorted into. I tried to do a sketched liner look on my eyelids so it’s a bit chaotic but there is order in it. You can’t really tell the full extent of the eye makeup but Friday I will have a full blog post over the four looks with more pictures of each. Exciting, no? Makeup Details: @urbandecaycosmetics naked skin foundation and concealer in 1.0 mixed with a little @occmakeup Y1 liquid foundation, UD liquid liners in Retrograde, Revolver, and Radium with Heavy Metal Glitter Liners in Amp and Spandex and Afterglow Blush in Rapture, @katvondbeauty Ink liners in Neruda, Woolfe, Nerdrum, Nietzsche, Baudelaire, and Dali, Lightening Liners in Bach and Amadeus, and the trusty Tattoo liner in Trooper (Yes, I used A LOT of liquid liners. 😈), @maccosmetics Soft Ochre paint pot, @espionage_cosmetics Schism and Oceanic Flight Everything Shadows, @anastasiabeverlyhills Granite dip brow and clear setting gel with some random silver glitter sprinkled in spots, @toofaced Better Than Sex Mascara, @lunatick_cosmetic_labs Contour palette and translucent mattifying powder, @beccacosmetics Pearl highlighter, @makeupforeverofficial eyeliner in 12L, @jeffreestarcosmetics Weirdo liquid lipstick and LC Peacock liquid lipstick. My wig is from @pennydreads in the style Profane Angel in Black. My faux septum is from @lotusandco in the style Dali (in silver). #makeup #makeupartist #igmua #fotd #ravenclaw #harrypotter #hogwartshousepride #geekchictv #cosplay #kvdlook #kvdbeauty #jeffreestarcosmetics #urbandecaycosmetics #ud #nerdmakeup #espionagecosmetics #becca #pennydreadsandwigs #nerd #lotusandco #mac

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Which look did you like the most? Would you like to see more “series”-ish looks? Let me know in the comments, pretty please.

*Fingers crossed that I win something. I have no idea what prizes they have, but I am such a sucker for competition. Muwah ha ha ha ha. Best of luck to everyone who’s playing/played along and all that glorious jazz.

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