This should come as no surprise to you, my Dah’lin, but I am a HUGE Harry Potter nut. I gobbled up the books and the movies and the first character who I connected to was Hermione Granger. I was a brainiac (sometimes brown-nosed know-it-all), and she was one too.

Granger is one of my FAVORITE go-to cosplays. I figured “What the heck. Why not throw in something for the Potterheads?” So I did. Muwah ha ha ha ha. Just remember, It’s LeviOsa… not LevioSA!


Am I the only one who thought that Hermione could go into both Gryffindor and Ravenclaw houses? Apparently, her bravery and boldness were the reason why she was sorted into Gryff. I was sorted into Gryff, too, but always felt that I could go either way. I guess that worked out in the end… hermionegranger-cosplaytutorial-ohjaechaos-1-square


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