Howdy Dah’lings, I hope you are all well on this beautiful Tuesday evening. Since I am trying to be more diligent about my blog posts, rather than just sticking with Instagram, I figured I should share my thoughts on Sephora’s new(ish) Honey Mask and share a little back story on my skin care routine. SUPER INTERESTING STUFF, I SAY!


As far as skin care goes, I will be the first to admit that I haven’t really treated my skin all that well thorough my whimsical teenage years and early twenties. Frak, I still get so scatterbrained or am just plain exhausted to remember to do my dailies. I didn’t start to wear makeup regularly till I was about 21. I didn’t think I needed moisturizer – “eh! I’m young. My skin is fine.’ And by the time I graduated high-school I had tried so many acne medications that didn’t work, I was fed up with all that business. So… I really just didn’t think it mattered. I am a bit stubborn…but you’ll get to know that over time I am sure.


Looking back I wish I would have taken better care of my skin. And now, I am trying to get better about taking care of it. Unfortunately, my face decides to go on strike a few times a month (or a week, if I am really lucky)! I am the proud owner of big pores, dark under-eye circles, and adult acne (which is mostly due to the fact that I am sick A LOT and my hormones like to wig out on me). I am on a quest to take better care of myself because I’m the only me I’ve got. Oh and in case you were getting super hysterical to know what kind of skin type I have – I’m a combo-babe!


I will leave my makeup prep and removal goodies for another post – I want to get to my first impressions of the Sephora Honey Mask!!! 



I have been noticing these little paper (or “fiber” as they list it) masks in my local Sephora the last few times I’ve gone in there. Like I said, I’ve been trying to get better about taking care of my face and I love to wear facial masks. I’ve noticed that certain masks help lessen the blow-back or “staying power” of my lovely Mylar rash…and other times they’ve aggravated everything. LUCKILY, this was not one of those times. Hu-frakking-zzah!

This particular mask is widely available in most physical Sephora locations as well as online as of this evening (I checked!). Each mask retails for $6 a pop BUT Sephora is having a buy 4 get 1 free promotion if you use the code “MASKLOVE” at checkout. I do not know how long the promotion will last so you better get some while you can. They have 8 different varieties (so far I have only tried the Honey Mask, but I have more on the way and I will post my reviews as they happen). If you want to check them all out: FOLLOW THE LINK TO THE MAGICAL SEPHORA STORE!

Enough about ALL of them, let’s talk about this one…

Right off of the bat, I had no idea what I was supposed to expect – hence the reason why this is a first impression review. By the time I try all the ones out of the bunch that I plan on trying, I should be a seasoned veteran – or so I would think.

Pre Step 1: Clean and dry your face thoroughly.


Check out my face in all it’s EL NATURAL GLORY! I will note that this is after my biweekly “Mask of Magnamity-awesomness” and LUSH chillaxin bath… (The crazy weather changes continue to play havoc on my joints). My face is clean and ready for more. Check out those spotty acne scars  there… I’m told that chicks dig scars, right? Some of those ARE actual freckles… they’re just really hard to tell now-a-days.

Step one: Tear open the package but don’t go all Hulk on it otherwise you risk tearing your mask. Once it’s freed from its goldenrod cage, carefully unfold the mask.

Step two: Place the mask upon your face and smooth out as best as possible. Chill like Jason for 15 minutes…


Check it out folks, instant Halloween creepiness. I will say that this mask felt super weird to me when I put it on. It was a little sticky and slimy. As far as the scent, it was actually pleasant and not too sweet or overpowering…just a hint of honey and sweetness which was nice! I also JUST noticed that I managed to “pamper” my eyebrows… whoops.

Step Three: Remove the mask and massage your face with what ever product is left on your skin.


Yep. That happened. I noticed that my face was a whole lot warmer than what it had been when I first put on the mask. (…”no one cared who I was before I put on the mask”…) I was goofing around and pretended that I was a snake shedding my outer layer…It’s what I do.

After all that silliness concluded I just rubbed whatever remaining product into my skin. I wasn’t sure the sticky factor would go away but I will say that everything sunk into my skin the way it was supposed to – so that’s awesome!


Final results: My skin is definitely a lot smoother, still warmer (as of 5 hours after the fact) and looks a little more radiant and balanced, tone wise… so aside from the weird stickiness – it did do exactly as it promised and I’m sure if I followed suit with the 20ish day regime I would probably see quite a change in mah face.

After I try the other masks I will come back and update how this mask ranks among the other ones. Feel free to hit that subscribe button to the right of this post…. you know you want to.

Now I have a question for YOU, avid reader! What are some of your favorite face products? Have you tried these paper masks before? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you have an amazing rest of your week and DFTBA!



[PS: I know I have far-from-perfect skin, so please be kind in the comments. Wheaton’s Law, folks!]


  1. I swear by the Sephora Rose mask. Like you, i didn’t take care of my skin as best I could during my early 20s, and the oft-cherished compliment that haunts me is “you have a face like a porcelain doll.”

    Well, 35 is next year and these days, I’m not as porcelain as I used to be. The Rose mask makes my skin feel like silky velvet- soft and smooth. In my own experience, it seems to minimize the appearance of pores, but YMMV in that respect.

    I just tried the Linghzi (sp) one last weekend, and I didn’t see as dramatic results. Rose is the way to go for me!

    • My faves right now are the Honey and the Rose masks. I still have yet to try the Lingzhi mask (it’s staring at me on my desk, actually… ha). Have you tried the Pomagrante mask? It’s quite refreshing, especially if you toss it in the fridge for a little bit before putting it on.

      PS) thanks for the comment and love!!!

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