Let us jump back to November because let’s face it – I’m somewhat terrible at posting stuff sometimes. I’m working on it, though, so here we go. /insert time travel noise here.

The wonderful and hella creative MUA, Hazel (@hazelsheartxo) invited me to join a collab she was orchestrating with the theme of Seven Deadly Sins. Now, before you jump on me with it being overdone – I have to disagree. Everyone has their different take on it and I always find it interesting to see how each individual person comes up with their own twist.

I received the prompt of GREED… and then my head exploded with ideas going in all directions. It was kind of frustrating because I had a hard time narrowing it down on what I wanted to do… but in the end, this is what I went with. Something dark and somewhat enticing because let’s face it – shiny things are hard to say no to… and if you let greed control you – you tend to go to a very dark place.

Everyone’s sins turned out beautifully, so much so that one of these days I would be honored to collab with them again… so we will see if they will have me.

When I think of greed I think of literally dripping in gold or valuables, hence all the splattery gold bits on my face and hair. Also, can I just say that being as this was the first makeup that I did in my new office – I made a complete mess of things and I am still finding gold glitter in very odd places… oh and I need to wash my wig because it got a little goldenified *(which is a word now, by the way.). Totally worth it, in my opinion, but still. Oh, and Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Gel Liner is A PAIN IN THE ASS to wash off if you use it as a black base. I think I had black residue on my hands and scalp for a few days – even after consistent washes.


 @makeupforeverus Ulta HD Skin Boost, Aqua XL Paint in M10, Aqua XL Pencil in M10, WaterBlend Foundation in Y215 and Aqua Seal, @sugarpill Goldilux pigment, @tartecosmetics Amazonian Clay Gel Eyeliner in Black, @litcosmetics Liquid Metals in Glisten with Silver Flake, @mehronmakeup gold metallic pigment, and @meltcosmetics Dark Matter Eyeshadow. 

Wig is @rockstarwigs Yaki 18” in Black with some gold pigment brushed through it.


I would like to kindly ask that if you are Instagram, go check out each of these talented folks and give them some love. They deserve it!

Which sin was YOUR favorite? Personally, its a tie for be between @hammadart’s Gluttony and @hazelsheartxo‘s Sloth. All of them were wonderful and again, I was FRAKKIN’ thrilled to be a part of their collab!

Stay tuned for more awesome collabs this year! I’m making a solid attempt at doing 1 or 2 a month so, fingers crossed, it happens. I can’t wait to show you all what is in store!!!

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