Hello, Dah’lings! I hope you are all having a beautiful Wednesday afternoon! I decided to pop on here and give you a makeup tutorial and a BONUS eyeshadow palette review today. SO. FRAKKIN. EXCITING!

First, let’s jump in and get this tutorial rolling. I’ve gone ahead and embedded it above – but if you can’t see it for some reason: FOLLOW THIS LINK. Please keep in mind that you do not need the exact items I use to accomplish this look. I know that some things, like the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Contour Book and the PPI Zombie Palette, are pretty pricey… but if you’re someone like me who has trouble finding contour shades because you’re ridiculously pale OR do SFX makeup looks fairly often, they are safe investments. I will be more than happy to do a full review on both of them down the line if you’d like. 🙂 KVDSageQuad&FauxFrecklesTutorial-ohjaechaos-1

For all of the products I used in the tutorial, expand the doobly-doo below:


Whenever I use the Duraline (or any mixing medium, for that matter), I scrape a little bit of the product off onto a flat, easily cleanable surface and only add a drop or two. If the mixture dries up, just add another drop of mixing medium. If I’m not using an actual liquid liner or liquid-to-matte lipstick, I will rock some custom mixing medium + eyeshadow liner. I just think my eye shape just looks better with some winged liner.

Things to remember when you are using Alcohol Activated Makeup:

  • You must use 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol or another Alcohol Activated “Activator” that are sold in the same places that sell the palettes.
  • DO NOT GET IT IN OR ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR EYE. It burns us, precious.
  • The more alcohol you mix in with your paints, the sheerer they will be.

If you would like me to do a full, in-depth tutorial on how to create fake, or faux, freckles let me know. I have three different techniques I like to use, but the one I show you in my tutorial is my favorite — hands down. PS: I love to rock faux freckles on days where my skin isn’t behaving (and I have to look like a put-together human, with makeup and everything) because it makes my blemishes and spots blend in with the freckles. #WINNING!


KVD Shade & Light Eye Contour Quad in Sage /// REVIEW


Here’s the skinny: This palette has four shades in it. A base, all over shade, a contour shade, a define shade (generally the darkest color in the quad), and a highlight shade. It retails for $26 at Sephora and on KVD’s website. 

The colors inside the palette are (from L-to-R): BASE (a warm, peachy-tan), DEFINE (a dark, sage green), CONTOUR (a warm-toned, greige), and HIGHLIGHT (a very pale yellow – almost white).

What I like: I love the colors in the palette, even if they are a bit… basic, aside from the “define” color which is this beautiful sage green color. I love that the sage color brings out the honey and green tones that stay subdued in my brown eyes. Color palette wise, each shade works beautifully together which makes my inner graphic design nerd happy. All of the colors are matte. The highlight color is my skin tone color and works quite well for blending out harsh edges and even covering up some of my under eye discoloration if I’m lazy. Hah! The pigmentation is beautiful, and the color you see in the palette is the color you will see on your skin. Lastly, KVD’s packaging is always on point.

What I don’t like: There are no “specific names” on this quad or any of the other quads. There’s a base, a define, a contour, and a highlight. So, aside from the particular quad, you are talking about – you really wouldn’t have a clue as to what color you’re talking about…. if that makes sense.  The eyeshadows do kick up quite a bit of excess powder because they are finely milled. Most of the time I don’t really care about that because I try to be careful with my eyeshadows to minimize fallout – but still.
The biggest issue I have with this palette is the price point.  If you remember back to KVD’s Interstellar, Monarch, or Chrysalis Eye Shadow Palettes… they had three large, 0.08oz pans of eyeshadow and nine medium, 0.04oz pans of shadow for around $46. These quads have one large-ish, 0.09oz shadow pan, and three medium 0.04oz shadow pans which work out to each quad shadow being more than twice the cost of the other palettes – per eyeshadow…. which is pretty silly.


Overall, I do like the colors and have found these little palettes to come in handy when I’m on the go and need a little something to stash in my bag – makeup-wise. I own all four quads, mostly for the sake of loving KVD’s items all the time… they are like Pokemon. I have to catch them all! So, when all is said and done, I give this quad a 4.5/5.

Which quad would you like me to review and post a tutorial with next? The choices are SMOKE, PLUM, and RUST. Let me know your pick in the comments below and I will add them to the other polls that I have on my other social medias.

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