Here are some bright colors to cheer up your Friday afternoon! I hope you enjoy the tutorial. Don’t forget to go SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for more mischevious makeup madness and things! This look has been a recent favorite over the last month and a half and after several requests to film a tutorial… I did! HOORAY!


PS: I’m kinda anxious about posting a look without a wig/hat/something on. While I don’t really mind being bald (… gee thanks, Spoonie Life), people don’t always follow Wheaton’s Law… so I’m waiting for all the stupid comments to start coming in. (That’s why I added the bottom photo ^ with my “…really?” face.)



As always, feel free to leave me a comment with a blog post or video request. I love hearing from yous guys, so please don’t be shy. FYI: If you recreate this look , TAG ME on social media so I can see how awesome you look.


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