Beware, dearest Dah’lings; there be mysteries and treasure ahead.

What is this that I speak of? Well, the NailedIt! Mystery Wraps from Espionage Cosmetics, of course! If you haven’t watched my latest video on Teh EweTewbs talking all about them, let me give you the low down. Don’t worry, though; I’ve gone ahead and embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

What are the Mystery Wrap NailedIt Nail Wraps and why are we talking about them on this fine Friday afternoon? First, let’s talk about NailedIt! Nail Wraps. They are exactly that – nail wraps. Some of us aren’t gifted in the fine art that is nail art… and by some of us, I mean me. These nail wraps are self-adhering nail “stickers” that come in over 50 AMAZING designs, with new ones being released every month. You don’t need any special equipment aside from an emery board, a set of NailedIt! Nail Wraps, and your favorite clear top coat nail varnish. The best part is that once you apply them, these puppies last for 2-3 weeks!
I have been a nerd manicure junkie for almost two years now, and I think they are fan-frakkin’-tastic. Then in January of 2015, I got the awesome opportunity to become one of Espionage Cosmetics’ Nerd Makeup Ambassadors. I love my Nerd Makeup Familia! So, with my renewed vow to push out awesome content to you, my dearest Dah’lings, I wanted to share my favorite item that Espionage Cosmetics makes — specifically the Mystery Wrap Packs!
The Mystery Wrap Packs are exactly what they sound like. They are NailedIt! Nail Wraps that before opening the mysterious package – you do not know what designs you will get.


  • Each pack includes 1 to 3 different nail wrap designs.
  • The designs that you will find inside each pack spans Espionage Cosmetics’ entire design range: past designs, fan favorite designs, limited or special edition designs, yet-to-be-released designs, and even the two EXCLUSIVE designs produced solely for the Mystery Wrap Pack.
  • The awesome $5 per pack price point OR the Mystery Wrap Bundle (6 packs) for $25.
  • OH! Let’s not forget the chance to get a GOLDEN TICKET, which is a gift certificate to Espionage Cosmetics, valued up to $75.

Use the code 'NMA15CHAOS' to save 15% off of your purchase.
Simply input the code “NMA15CHAOS” to save 15% off of your purchase at at checkout. (Exp: 8/31/2016) One-time use (per customer) Cannot be combined with other offers. $25 minimum purchase required. Some exclusions may apply.


If you’re new to nail wraps, here’s my favorite way to apply them. ENGAGE FANTASTICAL NERD MANICURE AWESOMENESS!
  1. GATHER YOUR SUPPLIES: The crucial items for a proper nerd manicure are wraps, clear varnish (non-quick drying) top coat, and an emery board. I also like to have a little packet of Alcohol Prep Pads and some nail scissors. NailedItNailWrapTutorial-EspionageCosmetics-ohjaechaos3
  2. FREE YOUR WRAPS AND MATCH UP THE SIZES TO YOUR FINGERS: Remove them from the sealed silver package and match what size wrap will best fit which finger (trim if necessary).
  3. APPLY THE WRAPS: Wipe your nails with an alcohol pad to help completely removed any nail oil or residue that might hinder the wraps from sticking. Then, peel the clear protective film, peel the wrap from the paper backing, and starting at the base of the nail by the cuticle, apply the nail wrap by lining everything up with your nail. Once you have it in the right location, start pressing and smoothing out the nail wrap on your nail to remove any air bubbles trapped underneath.
  4. REMOVE THE EXCESS: Bend the extra bits of nail wraps underneath the tip of your nail and use the emery board to sand them off on the underside of your nail. Just remove the excess and voila! You’re ready for the last step.
  5. SEAL THE DEAL WITH YOUR FAVORITE TOP COAT: You can use whichever top coat you would like, just keep in mind that some top coats interact better with the wraps than others. I am almost finished with my topcoat master list, so more on that later, but I will say that some of my favorite top coats to use with the NailedIt! Nail Wraps are Formula X Clear Top Coat, Butter London Hard as Nails Top Coat, China Glaze Matte Top Coat, and Revlon Color Stay Gel Top Coat. Pro Tip: Be sure to wrap the tip of your nail with the top coat to help improve the longevity of your manicure.
  6. BASK IN THE NERD MANICURE GLORY. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Now you are the proud owner of some fantabulous, nerdy nails.



That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this little Friday afternoon, blog-posty-thingy. If you are already a fan of Espionage Cosmetics down, leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite NailedIt! Nail Wrap design is – or just your favorite EC item is in general, and let me know if you would like to see more NailedIt! Nail Wrap tutorials and posts.



(FTC Disclaimer: While I am a Nerd Makeup Ambassador for Espionage Cosmetics, this post is not sponsored and all content and opinions are 100% my own. The items talked about in this post and video have been purchased by me and I am not receiving any monetary compensation for this post. The code for Espionage Cosmetics is only a discount code and I do not receive a commission on its use.)

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