For Day 4 of my 13 Days of Halloween, we are going to bring out our foxy sides and create this foxy lady look. It is both glamorous and mischevious… which is the best possible combination, or is it. To be fair, this look ended up turning out to be a foxy-feline combo, but that works for me if it works for you.


As far as accompanying outfits, be sure to buy/make a pair of fox ears and a tail, coppery orange or red hair, and a rusty orange colored shirt. I bought my ears from Spirit Halloween, had my Merida wig hiding in one of my wig drawers, and the shirt I bought at Target a few months ago. This look would look just as excellent if you went with a gray fox color scheme rather than an orangey/red one.

Want to know something a bit random, but relevant? I prefer to do more scary, grungey, and detailed looks than the cutesy ones. While glamorous looks are easier to film and edit… not to mention more crowd-friendly, I LOVE the dark, grungy, androgynous ones so much… either that or straight-up cosplays, albeit specific looks or genderbent ones. In the spirit of doing a little bit of everything for everyone… you guys get some cutesy, sassy ones too! Happy Halloween!!!




Be sure to tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you recreate on of my looks by using the hashtag #ohjaechaos. I check it at least once a week… and I may or may not share some of my favorite recreations on a special post at the end of my 13 Days of Halloween Extravaganza. 

Oh and don’t forget about the giveaway that’s going on right now! The winner will receive a prize package worth over $300 worth of makeup and nerdalicious goodies that I have harvested.

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