A couple of weeks ago,  I was sent a little package from Eylure (via Obviously Social) to try out some goodies and post a few photos on Instagram. The package was full of new and shiny brow products and a couple of pairs of classic Eylure lashes. I figured I should get off my duff and write up a little first impression review of the new(ish) / new to me brow products that Eylure has recently released. Now, before I go any further I want to let you know while my Instagram posts were sponsored… but this review isn’t, and as always when I review products, all views are 100% my own. 

In the box, I received:

  • The Brow Control and Shape Gel
  • Eyebrow Brush and Wand
  • Brow Luminizer Pencil
  • Brow Palettes in Blonde, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown
  • Brow Pencils in Blonde, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown
  • False Lashes in the styles: Vegas Nay Grand Glamour, No. 20 Naturals Lash, No. 202 Dramatic Lash, No. 083 Volume Lash, and No. 143 Exaggerate Lash

False Lashes:

First, I want to lead with saying that I am already a fan of their lashes. My favorites from the brand are the No. 126 and No. 121 and have been wearing them for years when I dare to pop on false lashes. [Note: one of the goals for me this year was to get used to and perfect wearing false lashes. So far, so good.]

Since I’ve been a fan of the Eylure lashes for a while now, most of these styles I am aware of – especially the Exaggerate and Vegas Nay lines. I was happily surprised with how delicate the No. 20 Naturals lashes were. The bands are super flexible, but keep in mind that you will have to hide the band on some of the styles as they can be a little thick or black. It’s not too terrible, though. If you are on the hunt for lashes – Ulta has them BOGO 50% right now. The only thing I don’t care for about the lashes is the fact that their naming system is a bit wonky. There are main styles: dramatic, exaggerated, natural, etc … and then the specific lashes are just given a number. If you’re not paying attention, you could forget the number and then when you go to repurchase them you may not get the same ones. There are a lot of styles under each main category that looks very similar, so that may be a bit confusing.

Brow Pencils:

Blonde No. 10 Brow Pencil – It’s a very cool-toned blonde, which is nice because a lot of blonde pencils that I’ve tried pull very warm. I will say that this pencil was creamier than the other two.

Medium Brow No. 20 Brow Pencil – This pencil is a very warm, almost auburn brown. It is waaay too warm for me to work into my brows but it works SO WELL for doing fake freckles.

Dark Brown No. 30 Brow Pencil –  The tone of this pencil is very cool, which is GREAT. However, out of all three pencils, this pencil was a little drier, formulation-wise. I wish it were a little creamier, but you can warm it up on the back of your hand or very carefully with a lighter. I also tried to use it as an eyeliner pencil and, again, it was rather dry and tugged on my lid without some assistance.

On the whole, I wish that there was more of a shade range in the brow pencil line rather than just three colors. You can certainly mix them together on the brow to create something that is multi-tonal, and they work great for creating faux freckles, albeit not completely realistically shaped faux freckles, but still. I am thrilled that they come with spoolies on the end of the pencil. I may be odd for thinking this, but I believe ALL eyebrow pencils should have a spoolie on the other side. They retail for $6.99.

Brow Luminizer Pencil

If you are someone who is very fair, this pencil may just blend into your skin like nothing so using it as a brow highlight may not get you the result you are looking for. However, if you are someone who doesn’t wear the shade GHOST as your foundation, this may work for you. It is a very creamy, dual-ended highlighter pencil.

There are two sides to this pencil, one is a matte, creamy beige color and the other is an off-white pearly/shimmery color. Since I am pale, I use this pencil more as a concealer of mistakes than anything else. The pearly side is beautiful as a natural inner corner highlight for my eye and brow bone. This pencil retails for $9.99

Eylure Blonde Brow Palette

Blonde Brow Palette:

This palette is truly lovely. All the products, both eyebrow colors and the colored wax/pomade thing are all creamy and pigmented. The pomade/wax is slightly warm-toned, but the blonde-fill powder is cool toned. I wouldn’t look at this palette and think, OMG this is such a blonde color. To me, it looks light brown. Maybe, I’m just odd.

Eylure Medium Brown Brow Palette

Medium Brown Brow Palette:

Like the Blonde Brow Palette, this one is pretty decent. The wax/pomade is creamy and pigmented, and the brow powders are also very nice. The medium brow powder is cool toned, the highlight powder is neutral, and the wax/pomade is a little on the warm side. The only issue I have is that the medium brow powder, itself, is a little patchy, but it’s workable.

Eylure Dark Brown Brow Palette

Dark Brown Brow Palette:

This palette isn’t the greatest for pigmentation, but for my brow color – which is a dark, DARK brown / almost black, it works. The dark brown brow powder and pomade/wax are both patchy and a little on the dry side but with a little extra love you can make it work. I suggest letting your palette warm up a bit or put some of the pomade/wax on the back of your hand to warm up the product before using it.


All three palettes are available for $14.99 USD, each. Now, that may seem a little steep for a somewhat “drugstore” brand to have a three-product, eyebrow palette… and I would have to agree with you. There are some brands like NYX Cosmetics that offer similar products, of a better, more consistent quality for a little less. I will say that for something on the go, these palettes are very handy PLUS they come with a large mirror and a small applicator that makes getting your brows done on the run pretty easy. I have used the pomade/wax products as an eyeshadow base, and they work well, just make sure to set them otherwise they will crease


Brow Control and Shape Gel:

This CLEAR brow gel is pretty decent. It holds for 6-8 hours without feeling crunchy or crusty when applied lightly. It still gives the brows a bit of hold without being difficult to remove at the end of the day. I will say that the brush is a little tricky when you’re trying to control the tails of your brows, but that’s alright. The gel retails for $7.99 USD — keep in mind that you can find comparable products for a little less at the drug store.

Brush & Wand Brow Duo:

This duo-ended brush is your standard, handy brow tool. It has a stiff, small angled brush on one side and a large spoolie to comb through your brows on the other. The angled brush is a little thick to create detailed flicks for faux brush hairs, but with a light hand, you can get it to work. I didn’t notice any shedding of the brush while I’ve been using it and it does work as a stiff eyeliner brush in a pinch… so that’s nice. It’s not as soft or forgiving as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12 but it, again, will get the job done.  This brush retails for $9.99

I used almost all of the products I was given for this look, including the faux freckles, eye makeup (minus the eyeliner), and even a bit of the contour. Now, the brow pencils aren’t my favorite for applying straight to the face for the “faux freckles” because their shape is just too uniform, but if you want to achieve the look you can always grab some product from the pencils onto a thin eyeliner brush and go about it that way – or use the brow pomade/wax colors. If you want to see the full details of this look – head on over to my Instagram… or click here and it will take you straight to the post.  I am wearing the No. 143 Exaggerate Lashes in this look, in case you were wondering.

I have very thick, dark brows. The pomade/wax in Dark Brown was a pretty spot on match like I said earlier – but the other colors didn’t have the pigmentation to cover up my dark brows. I wear a lot of wigs, as you might know, and so I tend to match my brows as best as I can to my wigs. These products aren’t great for doing that unless you have fair, light blonde, or bleached brows.



If you are in the market for something to give you natural looking brows and have brows that don’t pull too warm, you should check out these products, especially the palettes. Are there other brands offering similar products out there for a little less? Yes. Are there massive gaps in the shade range? Yes. BUT! You can use these. The products, for the most part, are pretty sound and pigmented. With a little love, you can use all of these. The lashes are BEAUTIFUL and user-friendly, so that’s a win-win.

The brow palettes’ wax/pomades are comparable to ABH dip brow pomades in their consistency and workability – so if you are on a budget and need a pomade and brow powder duo, these palettes are a steal.

Do you have any of the Eylure lashes or brow products? If so, tell me what your thoughts are and which are your favorites in the comments below. 

FTC Disclosure: These products were sent to me. I am very thankful that I was able to try out these products from Eylure via Obviously Social. Again, while my posts on IG were sponsored, this blog post isn’t. I wanted to give you guys my full, honest thoughts after having given them a full gauntlet-style run-through.

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