Hello, Dah’lings! Thank you so, so much for hanging out and watching my review of the Make Up For Ever AquaXL Eyeliner Pencils. These pencils are addictive. They’re like Pokémon. I gotta catch ’em all.





Here’s a better picture of all of the goodies that MUFE sent me back in March/April. Please let me know if you would like to see a DEMO/Unboxing/Tutorial using all of these goodies. I have a post sitting in my drafts folder talking all about these goodies with photos of swatches and everything…. I guess I should get off my duff and finish it this month! Hehehe.

File Jul 02, 3 03 48 AM




Sidenote: I was working on this video and then half the video footage became corrupt within Premier so I apologize for it not coming out on Friday like I planned. Hopefully, I will get better with this whole YouTube Video Thing. 😉 Thanks for standing by!!! You rock!!!

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