It’s my favorite time of the year. It’s not stupidly hot outside, leaves are finally starting to change and Halloween is less than a week away. I am stupidly excited about this! It’s that special time of year when I can put on some crazy makeup (after filming a Nerds and Nomsense Halloween tutorial) and go out in public without having to worry about people freaking out or asking me to leave.

I love makeup. It has the power to completely transform yourself without having to do crazy body alterations. You can turn yourself into an animal, mythical creature, a demigod, demon, etc… Makeup is also a way for me to flip the bird to my stupid body during Lupus flairs (that is if I have the spoons to do a look, sometimes the more complex ones can take a lot out of you). If I have to go out into public and feel like total shite, makeup helps me hide the fact that I’m sick – well except for the Vogmask that I have to wear in public so I don’t catch anything.

I have been very busy the last few weeks trying to put together about 10 Halloween/SFX makeup tutorials for N&N… and can I just say that I HATE editing video. I think part of it is because I’m new to the whole video editing process and since my workhorse of a desktop has died I’m left working on my backup laptop. Don’t get me wrong, I can still do my job – it just takes me a bit longer.

The end results are still excellent:






I’ve still got several more to go before Friday… but hopefully I can push through and get them done in time. If not – nothing absolutely says that I have to have them up before Halloween. Most of these work quite well for theatrical or Convention attire… which is nice.

If you have a YouTube account, go subscribe to the Nerds and Nomsense Channel where all this goodness is getting posted to.

Oh well – I guess I should get a move on and jump back into editing video. Wish me luck!


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