Who says all Halloween makeups have to be scary, creepy, etc.? Sometimes, rocking a little kawaii look can be good for the soul. 

Anywho, here’s the makeup tutorial for the look that I was rocking during my #13DaysOfHalloween Announcement + Epic Giveaway video. It is bold and colorful… and pretty adorable if you ask me. I was inspired to create a “witchy” look after getting my brand new “I Put A Spell On You” t-shirt from Jordandene.


I think this look would work out perfectly for teachers during Halloween since it’s cute and little kid-friendly. Feel free to change the lippie up to something nude… but can I just say that the Black Moon Cosmetics Purgatory Liquid Lipstick + ABH’s Moonchild Purple Horseshoe Highlighter is a combination made in heaven.


Heads up: My official Day 1 tutorial for #13DoH may be up REALLY LATE tonight… but I promise it will be up. I ended up fighting with my computer last night, and it pushed my editing schedule around. No worries, though. We will be back up and running smoothly very soon. If you would like to picture my frustration with my computer, the image below should help. Haha.




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