Last week I ran a poll over on my Twitter asking what you guys would like to see, tutorial-wise, from me next. It ended up being a tie between the KVD Serpentina Palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Moon Child. Guess which one I decided to rock out with first?

If you guessed Moon Child, you are right! I have been a very patience and super-good about not diving into to this beautiful, MAJESTIC AF highlighter palette, so I could get decent product shots for my upcoming review (next Wednesday, so stay tuned). I was able to get that done, and now we are here for this tutorial! HOO-FRAKKIN-RAY!!!

If you not familiar with this brand new, limited edition(?) highlighter palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills let me just say this… IT IS MAGICAL! There will be a full review coming soon, so I don’t want to get into the details just yet… Claudia, if you are reading this; THANK YOU for creating such a friggin beautiful and buttery highlighter palette with unconventional-yet-jawdropping colors. It is an INSTANT fave!

If you want to snag the palette for yourself, it’s live on the ABH website.


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Last week, Anastasia mentioned that one of the shades in the palette was named after Norvina (aka Claudia, Anastasia’s awesome daughter)’s love of The Never Ending Story. This combined with the phenomenal P.R. photos for the palette inspired me to create something glowy and ethereal something paying a little bit of homage to the Child Like Princess… So, that’s what happened.

I wanted to show you guys that you can use highlighter colors in more than just the stereotypical highlight areas. I incorporated it on my eyes, in my brows, patted on top of my lip tar, and of course as a highlight. I used all but one color from the palette.


Now, before I get some nitpicky comments; Yes, I know that my eyeshadow and winged liner aren’t perfectly even from one eye to another. I’m still figuring out the best way to film tutorials. If I’m not filming, I work on both eyes at the same time – not finish one then start on the other. Oh well. We live and we learn… (and then we get Loves… HA!). Also, one of the hazards of wearing a white wig is the probability that I get foundation in my hair/wig… sorry. I wasn’t paying attention with where my beauty blender was at. Oooops. 

For the liner, I wanted to create bird/angel-like wings for my wing. Heh, go figure. It took a little finagling and back and forth ‘evening-out-of-things’ but I got it to my liking. I hope that you like it too. If you would like to see more unconventional eyeliner styles, let me know in the comments!



I truly hoped you liked this tutorial. I know there are a lot of tutorials using this palette out there, so hopefully I showcased it a little differently. Let me know if you liked this look in the comments. Feedback is super appreciated, and you guys know that I love talking to you in the comments… goooooo DO THE THINGY-BOP-MAH-JIGGY!

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[FTC Disclaimer: The post is not sponsored. I purchased everything myself and all of the thoughts, opinions, and reviews are 100% my own.]

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