Geez, how is it September already?! Alas fair readers we have come to the last month of the BETA testing for Espionage Cosmetics’ Nerd Makeup Subscription Box. Never fear my nerd makeup lovers, it just means that we are that much closer to THE OFFICIAL FRAKKIN’ LAUNCH OF THE N.M.S.B. TO THE WOOOOOOOOORLD! (Excuse the ALLCAPS but I’m so frakkin’ excited about it..seriously.)

This month’s beta box did not disappoint one bit. In fact, it gave me an epic fangirl moment… but more on that later. If you’ve missed the last two unboxing posts click here ( July’s  |  August’s ) that way you’re caught up with all the goodies! Like I mentioned above, this box was in BETA testing for 6 months and I was luckily along for the ride for these last three. Wanna add these beauts to your inventory in the future? Here’s the official SUBSCRIPTION PAGE that will have all the pertinent information as far as pricing, sign ups, etc… If you are a fan of having awesome, nerded-out nails this is a massive deal – plus it’s like Christmas when it arrives. The subscription service will officially open up in December so that you can begin to receive the N.M.S.B. in January 2016. It sounds like it’s far away, but remember – it’s already September. It will be here before you know it.


What’s in the Box:

  • *NEW* Teleporter Wraps: These awesome purple-to-pink gradient, glittery wraps are inspired by one of the best teleporters around. None other than the one-and-only NIGHTCRAWLER! He really is a B.A.M.F. The cool thing about these wraps, aside from the glitter being over 9000 is that you can actually match your nails to your makeup by rocking out with some BAMF! Everything Shadows Glitter.
    Seriously, I am such a huge Mel Brooks fan and when I saw these I immediately started quoting the movie and giggling with joy. If you do not know what these are a reference to… first SHAME ON YOU and then go watch Spaceballs on the internet. Google it and you will find it.
    Funny RELATED side-note: I’m working on a Barf cosplay and these are going to be excellent with them for the WW Tulsa Con. Did I mention that these wraps also GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!? ‘Cause they do… and they glow brighter than Dark Helmet’s Shwarts itself. Love, love, love these wraps… it is going to be very, very hard not putting them on until I’ve got my outfit and prosthetics finished. (…and yes, I promise to write a post all about my Barf cosplay outfit and makeup…because I love you guys! You’ll have to wait till the end of October for that though.)


  • Killer Wraps: These wraps are from the original design run and both the Unicorn Blood and Killer wraps are perfect for Halloween… at least I like to think they are. The design is a glittle blood splatter on white and they POP with homicidal joy. It’s the perfect fashion accessory for any serial killer. (/kidding…. or am I?)
  • Unicorn Blood WrapsStraight outta’ But Wait There’s MOAR!  (the Kickstarter from 2014), these sadistic rainbow nails are delightfully dark and magically maniacal. Are you more of an Apocalypse Ponies fan? These are for you. Just imagine hanging out with Professor Quirrel and good ole’ Voldy in the forest just eating your little hearts out on a poor, unsuspecting unicorn.  Think of these wraps as the fabulous, sister of the Killer Wraps. Now with +10 more unicorn-ness.



  • *NEW* Invincibility Glitter: Are you in search of the perfect glitter to make you invincible to all the haters out there? You are?! Wonderful. Check out this brand new glitter from the nerd makeup minions at EC. This glitter is a neon yellow with a gold, green, and peach sparkle. It’s so sparkly bad guys will be blinded if they look at it… true story! df I used this as a pretty sweet liner the other day – check it out here 





And now the wait till January…. a long wait indeed, but it will be worth it. These last three months of BETA boxes have been wonderful, each a surprise – unless you search the internet for others who have received their boxes and posted pictures of the contents. I haven’t done that at all… hahahahaha. I can’t wait till January, but if I must, I must.

Are you thinking about getting in on this awesomeness? What has been your favorite item out of the past three months? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. I had an internal debate from hell on whether to look at this post or not. My box never arrives before the 7th and as much as I hate spoilers I couldn’t help myself. This month looks like it’s right up my alley! Can’t wait to put a little BAMF! on my fingertips. 😀

    I’m going to be watching for a look using the glitter though. I love it but I dunno if I’m clever enough to find a way to use it that isn’t silly.

    • I’ll post a look later on tonight/tomorrow using the glitter. I already used it for a liner if you want to check that out on IG ( ). I started to post the embedded photo on this post but it wasn’t working properly – I will update this post or do a separate post when I’ve done a new look with it.

      BAMF wraps are awesome. I think I may put those on ASAP and then just go order more. 🙂

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