Greetings fellow Internetonians! Are you having a good day spinning around the Earth’s axis at 1000 mph (16000 kph, for my metric buddies)? I am joining you today to announce the (continuing) awesomeness that is going on over at Espionage Cosmetics. What am I talking about? Well, hold on to your britches I’m about to lay the amazing smackdown out for all of you.

Dun dun dun daaaaaaaaah!Β Can I get a /drumroll please? ……….Β 



Right now Espionage is currently holding its second group of beta testers for the subscription boxes; this one only lastsΒ for three months. Which makes the whole BETA thingy quite fitting. After September, the magical minions over at E.C.H.Q. will take a break before opening up floodgates. The official launch for OPEN Nerd Makeup Subscription Boxes to the general, nerdalicious public will be in January 2016, with sign-up in December of this year! My advice to those of you who are wanting to get your hands on the N.M.S.B. is to not-so-subtly HINT to your loved ones that it would be cool to get it … you know… as a belated Christmas/Festivus present that keeps on giving.

The first hints of a N.M.S.B. came around during their ButWaitTheresMoar Kickstarter last year. The perks to being one of the top contributors/donators during the kickstarter was that you got in on the first round of BETA trials.

April 2015:

The April Box debuted the Sakura Blossom and Mystic Mane wraps as well as included the League of Justice and Silver & Gold Mask Wraps. The 5th item was some Soulless Kiss of Death Lip Serum. Pretty cool, huh? Kirby posted a pretty sweet review of the first box over on her blog – feel free to check it out. (Image credit also goes to her, via instagram)

May 2015


Juniper approves of my latest NailedIt! Subscription box #naileditec A photo posted by Amy Hyler-Essig (@amerob) on

The May box took Anglophiles by storm with their new Union Jack wraps and retro-tech lovers with the new DIskettes wraps as well as Siren and Catz wraps. Item number 5 was a brand new glitter created by the EC crew in celebration of their upcoming birthday called T-800. (Hint: Jaimie LOVES her some Arnold.)

June 2015:

This box rocked it with the new friggin’ Sharks wraps (in honor of Shark Week of course!), as well as the Pop Art wraps, with one of the new designs from the latest kickstarter, Pitch Perfect and Cyan & Lime glitter wraps. #5 was the Everything Shadow in the shade Headshot….I think. I’m guessing so if you were one of the lucky ducks that did get June’s box, lemme know in the comments.

… and now this bring us to JULY, which is when I come in and show you all the awesomeness that is contained inside this nifty little box-o-magic!


JulyEspionageCosmeticsNMSB-ohjaechaos-FEATURED WHAT’S IN THE BOX:

    • *NEW* Pirates, Ahoy Wraps: these have both GLITTER elements and there’s even a secret glow-in-the-dark thingy bop. I am actually holding off on wearing the new wraps this month because I have some Halloween mischief to use with them.


    • *NEW* Batty Wraps: This is a first with EC. See the white area on the background… well it’s not actually white – IT’S CLEAR and IT GLOWS IN THE FRAKKIN’ DARK! So that means you can put them directly over your bare nails or put down a colored based coat first for a colored background if you so choose.


    • For Science!: I’m a science nerd and these are beautiful. If you want to read the funny story that comes along with these beauties, head on over to their page and see for your self.





Are you part of the Beta? What did you like most about this month’s box?

Whelp, that’s it for now. Stay classy, San Frantokyo. πŸ™‚

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