Okay, that really doesn’t make much sense but I thought it would be a cool way to start off showing you my second Nerd Makeup Subscription Box from Espionage Cosmetics… If you missed my inaugural N.M.S.B. post – click here and learn all about the awesomeness and how you can get your claws on some come January 2016!  This month has been super busy so I apologize for being late to the party on giving you all the deets on this glory.


What’s in the Box:

    • *NEW* Eagle Nebula Wraps: It’s no secret that the original Nebulae wraps are probably my favorite out off all of EC’s wrap designs and when I saw that they upped the ante and did ANOTHER GORRAM GORGEOUS NASA IMAGE WRAP SET I KNEW I HAD TO PUT THEM ON RIGHT THIS NOW! And I did. And they are glorious —— and glow in the dark! Glow in the dark nails are awesome… except when you wake up in the middle of the night (or just chill in the dark), look down, and see little glowing spots where your fingers should be… it’s both freaky and surreal but you get used to it. I really, truly adore these wraps. AugustEspionageCosmeticsNMSB_ohjaechaos-4-1
    • *NEW* Steampunk 2.0 Wraps: These are also super cool and are ‘revamps’ on another previous set of wraps – the original Steampunk ones. I really like the rivets and the subtle hints of glitter on the wraps. Yep. My mom came for a visit last week and kept eyeing the new Steampunk ones…A lot., Luckily, I sent her home with her own little stash of Nerdy Nail Wraps and will probably end up sending her some of these as well in the months to come… you know with Christmas coming up and all. 😉 I am planning on either wearing these or one of my ‘newer’ wraps for my next Immunology appt. The nurses always love looking at my nails, not that I’m complaining – my goal is to ensnare all to the glory of Espionage … one day at a time. Muwah ha ha ha ha.
    • Patchwork Wraps: This design was unveiled during the Kickstarter last fall, along the same ‘inspirational vein’ as the Burtonesque wraps… The color on these wraps are insanely bright neon and if I’m not mistaken, may react to UV/Blacklight. I will check and get back with you on that… I am hording these wraps until closer to Halloween time so I can coordinate a look or two… hint…hint… 🙂
    • Smashing Wraps: If SheHulk wore nail wraps while fighting crime – I think these would be the ones. They are glitter wraps with Silver <-> Purple <-> Green gradients. Quite pretty if you ask me. I like that EC offers sets of more “subdued” wraps in their collection. When I brought my entire wrap collection with me when I did my Stepmom’s nails, she wasn’t too keen on wearing some of my ‘overly nerdy’ wraps and leaned more towards the gradient glitter wraps.
    • Athena” Everything Shadow: The color of this shadow sings to my fall, pumpkin spice-loving, sweater wearing, Autumn rockin’ self. It is a beautiful deep burgundy color and works excellently for any fall, or vampy dark eye look. In the pot it looks a little brighter than it is when you apply it to your eye (or cheek or even mixed with your favorite Kiss of Death Lip Serum). This eye-shadow has metaphorically risen from the grave and returned for your makeup hording pleasure.

Channeling my Picard today with my TNG tunic dress, @geekstarcostuming necklace, and the new Athena Everything Shadow that came in the beta Nerd Makeup Subscription Box from @espionage_cosmetics. I am in love with with this deep burgundy color and don’t worry, I will post a close up of the color as well as what else came in this month’s box tonight/tomorrow. Huzzah!!! Also, I did a quick OOTD over on my Snapchat (@ohjaechaos) if you want to check out my awesome outfit. DEETS: @maybelline Better Skin foundation in Ivory and concealer in light, @katvondbeauty Shade and Light contour palette, @maccosmetics Warm Soul mineralized blush and Studio+ powder in C2, @urbandecaycosmetics primer potion & zero 24/7 pencil liner, @sugarpill goldilux, @espionage_cosmetics Athena, Karei, Vault Hunter, and Sudden But Inevitable everything shadows, @thekatvond Tattoo liner in trooper, @benefitcosmetics Roller Lash mascara, and @jeffreestarcosmetics Celebrity Skin liquid lipstick (original formulation). #mua #fotd #EspionageCosmetics #nerdmakeupambassador #jeffreestarcosmetics #urbandecay #maybelline #geekstarcostuming #everydaycosplay #cosplay #startrek #tng #llap #ohjaechaos #kvdlook #kvdbeauty #shadeandlight #benefit #mac #makeupnerd #awesomeisacolor #sugarpill

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…so that’s what’s in the box. Pretty awesome, no?

This month’s box was definitely more my style design wise and I am both excited and super sad for next month’s box. September (the third beta box) is the last box for the Beta testing and after that we will just have to wait at our door like Scott Pilgrim for the official launch N.M.S.B. to arrive!

What did you like about this month’s box? Let me know in the comments, if you’re feeling conversational. *I really like getting to know you guys… so feel free to chat in.*

I hope you guys had a good month thus far… and can I just ask one more question – who’s ready for Autumn. I sure am. BRING ON THE TRUCKLOADS OF PUMPKIN SPICED EVERYTHING. If you need me I’ll be swimming in vats of the stuff like Scrooge McDuck in his vault.






  1. I loved this month’s newbie wraps. I have been so swamped though I haven’t had time to open and try Athena. Now that I’ve seen it in action I think I need to remedy that ASAP. I love how simple your makeup is here and yet it’s totally eye catching.

    • It also completely matched my outfit. I am a fan of everyday cosplay so that day I was rocking a TNG command tunic-dress-thingy and Athena PERFECTLY matches it. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? 🙂


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