Am I the only one here who can’t believe it’s already December?!?! Geez, this year has flown by in the blink of an eye. Anywho, I decided to challenge myself this month and come up with an awesome daily photo challenge for the ENTIRE MONTH! Yeah, a bit ballsy I know, but stick with me it get’s better.

I will be sharing my challenge images over on my Instagram (@ohjaechaos), so definitely head on over there and check the follow button. Also, if you accept the challenge as well, I would love to see your daily pictures so be sure to hashtag them #dec14OJCmakeupchallenge and #ohjaechaos. Every week I will do a share of my favorite challenge images from the week, including tagging you guys in them so definitely be sure to hashtag so I can see them. ((Please note that I can only see the public accounts with the hashtags.)) All the featured looks will be thrown into a hat and the winner will receive an awesome surprise.

Now, without further chatter, here’s this month’s COMPLETE challenge list. If you would like to save the image, just click on it and download it from the new window.




1 – Fresh Faced: Bare and no makeup. Be confident in your own skin, everyone has imperfections and that’s what makes us unique!

2 – Go-To #FOTD: Take a picture of your favorite, go-to everyday look.

3 – Movie-Inspired: Create a look inspired by your favorite movie or movie character. It can be simple or complex, as long as you’re inspired!

4 – Smokey-Eye: Pretty simple. Smoke those gorgeous lids out!

5 – Frost & Snow: Inspired by Winter. SFX or simply silver, white, and shimmery. Just stay away from all that yellow snow – it’s not banana/lemon flavored.

6 – Bold Lips: Reach for your favorite bold lip color and pout, pout, pout!

7 – Bright & Colorful: Give Skittles a run for their money. Show me how colourful you are.

8 – Red: Creep out of your comfort zone and try some red hues on your face.

9 – Cut Crease: Practice your blending skills and show me your best cut crease!

10 – Candy Canes: Striped and Sweet.

11 – Throw-Back Look: Either repost an old image (must be at least 6 months old) or re-create an old look with your new makeup skills.

12 – Glitter: NO GLITTER, NO GLORY. Once you finish your look be sure to enter it in @litcosmetics #glitterfriday competition! It’s free and awesome!

13 – Simple & Sweet: Create a simple look. Must not take you more than 30 minutes from start to finish. Think “No Makeup” Makeup…

14 – Winged Out: Unleash your inner 60s-rockstar and show me what you’ve got. Graphic liners, cat-eyes, unconventional liners, etc.

15 – Golden: “FIVE… GOLD…. RINGS….”  Create a look using some golden colors. There must be gold somewhere on your face. 

16 – Favorite Products: Give your face a break and show off some of your favorite makeup products. Feel free to shout out to your favorite companies as well.[/twocol_one_first][twocol_one_last]17 – Magically-Inspired: Free that beautiful unicorn/dragon/elf/faerie living inside you. Just because Halloween was in October doesn’t mean you can’t dress up a little bit.

18 – Pin-up / Vintage: Throwback to the years of old, with polka dots, pearls, and lace. Show me your best vintage-inspired or pin-up face!

19 – Ombre’d: BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. Create your smoothest transitions from one color to the next.

20 – Red, Green, & Gold: Create a classic holiday look with some of the most festive holiday colors of the season.

21 – Neutrals & Nudes: Simple and classy, mattes and more.

22 – Lovely Lashes: Bat those eyes and show me what those gorgeous lashes.

23 – Ugly Sweater: You know what to do. Go for the goal and create the epic ugly sweater-inspired look of your life!

24 – Starry-Night: All is calm, all is bright. Be inspired by the stars.

25 – **Your Choice!** It’s CHRISTMAS! Feel free to do whatever you want today. I would rather you spend time with your family than spending a bazillion hours on your makeup! Enjoy!

26 – Bold & Beautiful: Be bold. Be fierce. You’re beautiful.

27 – Night on the Town: Show me your favorite/best date-night makeup.

28 – Monochromatic: Let’s pretend that it’s the 1940s and everything is in black and white.

29 – Nailed it!: Let’s see those nails! Simple, crazy, awesome, the choice is yours!

30 – Before &  After: Take a picture before and after you apply your makeup for the day.

31 – Glitz & Glam: It’s NYE, bust out your “happy new years” style and let’s get fabulous!




  1. You must re-post the initial DECEMBER 2014 MAKEUP CHALLENGE LIST on your profile. Feel free to help share it with your friends and favorite beauty gurus.
  2. You have 3 times you can pass on a daily challenge. I completely realize that life gets busy so I’ve worked in one day each week that gives your face a break. If you need to pass on a daily challenge, don’t feel guilty, just take a break and pick back up refreshed and ready to go.
  3. Please include the following hashtags in your daily challenge post: #dec14ojcmakeupchallenge and #ohjaechaos so I can check out your awesome creations! I would also love it if you followed my account, but if I’m not your jam, then that’s totally cool. I will just cry in the corner when nobody is looking. 🙂
  4. You may repost old looks if you are stuck. The whole point of this challenge is to help you grow in your makeup-jedi skills but if you have an epic look that fits perfectly, feel free to share it!
  5. I will be sharing a few of my favorite looks from the #dec14ojcmakeupchallenge with my followers each Saturday.  Each time I pick my favorites for the week, their username gets thrown into a hat and at the end of the month I will be giving away a little surprise to the person who’s name is drawn. YEP! I’M DOING A SECRET GIVEAWAY.
  6. GIVEAWAY RULES: You must be following me (@ohjaechaos) for the duration of the contest. People who instantly unfollow after the challenge is over will be disqualified from any further giveaways/features. You MUST re-post the initial challenge image with all the daily details. And you must attempt at least 8 of the challenges (on the day that they’re challenged. Example: December 1st is a bare/fresh faced look, December 12th you must use glitter in your look, etc). I will check!!!
    Winner will be chosen and announced on January 1st! 


Feel free to ask any questions in the comments! I look forward to seeing all your wonderful looks and creations!


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