BITE Beauty recently released a new product called the Multistick. It is toted to be an all-inclusive makeup product that can be used on the eyes, face, and lips. In this episode of “REVIEWING ALL THE THINGS,” I’m going to be putting it to the test and sharing my thoughts and stuff with you guys. GET. EXCITED!


First off, Hi my Dah’lings! I hope you are doing well and that you are stocking up for the season with pumpkin-spiced and caramel apple EVERYTHING! I know I am. Muwah ha ha ha ha ha! 

So, before I go completely blabbing about life, the universe, and everything, let me get back on target…. MULTISTICKS! Am I the only person who thought that the “Multisticks” sound like something from a late night infomercial.

BITE Beauty released the Multisticks on August 19th of this year. The sticks are formulated to be both lip and eye safe with use on the ENTIRE face, which is nice. Their launch included 18 “shades that would suit all skin tones” and the products are free of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates, as well as petrochemicals and silicones like the rest of the BITE Beauty line.


The Multisticks retail for $24USD and are sold at exclusively at Sephora. If you’re wondering why that’s because they were acquired by KENDO Brands, which is a brand incubator/umbrella corp, has an excellent partnership with Sephora. Other brands under the KENDO umbrella are Kat Von D Beauty, Marc Jacobs, Formula X, etc…

Each product has 0.17oz worth of product. The product is dispensed much like a lipstick where you just need to twist up the bottom and the product comes up. Formulation-wise, this product is pretty similar to their lipsticks’ consistency, although it’s not as oily as their Amuse Bouche lipsticks, which is great. There is no discernable scent, unlike the lipsticks which have a slightly sweet scent. Shade-wise, the whole line is pretty darn neutral, except Nectar – which is a vibrant plum. I think that the whole “suits all skin tones” line are pretty accurate because there are shades that go from fair pinks and taupes to deep chocolates and reds.

I ended up picking four colors up from  Sephora. I picked up Gelato (hazy plum with taupe and my lightest shade), Cashew (rosy taupe), Honey Wheat (milk chocolate, but I think that it’s more of a warm grain and is a bit more orange than brown), and Cerise. I wanted to make sure that I got at least one darker color, hence Cerise which is described as a ‘dark cherry with brown.’ I will note that Cerise was the only shade that I ordered online and had it shipped to my abode. When it arrived, the product apparently broke partly off of the base and stuck to the top of the lid. Luckily, I exchanged it with ease. HUZZAH to Sephora’s excellent return policy.


I’m a big fan of the packaging. It’s very minimalist and has a schmancy magnetic enclosure. I think that this makes for a very convenient, on-the-go product where you can easy just slip the product into your bag… no brushes necessary for applying it to the face…. WHICH I LOVE!

This product is ridiculously easy to apply; you can use it straight from the bullet, or with your fingers, or your favorite beauty tool, although I highly recommend using a synthetic brush because some of these colors can and will stain your natural hair brushes. For me, I like just to apply and blend it out with my fingers. You don’t have to worry about the product completely setting in nano-seconds, so you can take your time if you need to. When applying it to the cheeks, it’s also a good idea to build up the product rather than just slathering a ton-and-a-half on your face. The Multisticks are very pigmented but keep in mind that they do sheer out and blend out smoothly, a little goes a long way.

Special Ingredients, folks:

  • 5 mg Trans-Resveratrol: Derived from Vitis Vinifera (aka Common Grape Vine) and Polygonum Cuspidatum (aka Japanese Knotweed).
  • Sugarcane-Derived Squalane: Feeds lips and skin with hydration and supports regeneration.
  • Weightless Amino Acid-Coated Powders: Create a smooth, blendable application.

They blend out AMAZINGLY WELL. They don’t completely set, which is something you may need to keep in mind if you are prone to touching your face throughout the day. Wear-wise, on the lips they are extremely comfortable. They do wear off through the course of the day, but you can build up the product again without having to worry about it getting gloupy or crumbly/chunky.

Swatches pictured from top to bottom: Honey Wheat, Gelato, Cashew, and Cerise.

I think for the price, color-payoff, and portability — these Multisticks are a great deal. While I am not adverse to slathering all the neon colors on my face, some days, especially those when I want just to get out the door, these sticks are awesome. For those of you who like the “no-makeup-makeup” or the makeup artists out there who work on runways and editorials, the Multisticks do work beautifully and help get that flawless demi-satin finish without tons and tons of work.

CONS: While I absolutely enjoy the product, I do have a few qualms about them. First off, I’m not sure how well these sticks will hold up in very hot environments. With one of my sticks messing up in shipping and living in Oklahoma, I can all but wonder if the stupid heat had anything to do with it. If you do live in a warmer climate, it is probably best to stick your Multisticks in the fridge or freezer for a couple of minutes so that it can solidify again, if it is melty. (Warning: this next bit is me being a nitpicky product photographer) Alrighty, so this next bit won’t apply to most of the consumers out there buying this product, but the Tog in me gets so frustrated when new products arrive blemished straight out of the box. It is silly, but if I shoot an image to post on social media or to deliver to a client and it is blemished or something, I spend almost 4 times as long trying to fix everything in post-production. It is what it is and there is no way to control it. Two out of the four Multisticks had this weird film or something along the side of the bullet. I am going to chalk it up to the natural ingredients or something. They are completely fine, other than that.



Natural and blushy, using only Cashew and Gelato

(Before & After) … I may or may not be channeling some Theodore Logan vibes…. hahaha


Grungy and Fierce using only Cerise and Honey Wheat

Note: I ended up having a not-so-fun Spoonie moment in between looks and ended up blowing out a lot of blood vessels around my eyes and face. My face was not having a good time, but I powered through because I wanted to get this video out to you guys! So, if my makeup looks heavy / cakey... that's because it is since I was trying to quickly hide all of the Spoonie Suck.
Note: I ended up having a not-so-fun Spoonie moment in between looks and ended up blowing out a lot of blood vessels around my eyes and face. My face was not having a good time, but I powered through because I wanted to get this video out to you guys! So, if my makeup looks heavy / cakey… that’s because it is since I was trying to quickly hide all of the Spoonie Suck.


I hope you guys liked this video/review/blog post thing! Let me know which look was your favorite in the comments below. While you’re there, tell what your favorite shade of the BITE Beauty Multistick is. Are you planning on picking up more of these (I know I will)? Also, tell me what products you’d like me to review next. Okay? Okay!

You are AWESOME!!!!

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