Alrighty, Dahlins‘. You’ve watched me cake my face with the new ABH Glow Kit in Moon Child, now let me talk about why I think it’s so awesome.



First off, I’m not going to lie. Every time I talk about or even think about, this palette it makes me want some Lucky Charms because of the shade names… I mean, come on, Pink Heart… Purple Horseshoe… Blue Moon… >.<  I can’t be the only one… right? Anyways, let’s not talk about food right now because I am ravenous and want to knock out this post before I reward myself with some much-needed grub.

Here’s the skinny:

  • There are six, .15oz square highlighter pans in this palette. The net weight of this palette is 0.90 oz, which is .14oz LESS than the standard Glow Kits (4 pans at 0.26oz round pans totalling in 1.04oz… yay math!) for the same price.
  • Unlike the standard Glow Kits from ABH, the Moon Child pans are not removable from the packaging… which is a bummer but oh well.
  • This palette retails for $40 USD and is exclusively sold on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website. As far as I know it will not be sold in stores but that may change. This palette, along with the new Sweets Glow Kit were both supposed to be limited edition but that, too, may change.
  • The palette is cruelty-free and has a 12-month expiration date. Since it is a powder, you can probably get away with extending it’s shelf life by taking care if it, not introducing it to wet/damp environments, etc. Powders are excellent at ‘staying alive.’ As a general makeup rule: IF IT SMELLS FUNNY OR ‘TURNT,’  TOSS IT OUT!

I am in love with the unique shades in this palette. It is not like any other highlight palette out there – or at least not to my knowledge. These aren’t yo’ momma’s highlighters. Each shade, except Star, has a duo-tone shift or reflect to it… and it is delicious.


  • Blue Ice – Top Row, Far Left – Diamond white with an icy blue reflect.
  • Star – Top Row, Center – A moonstone fusion of mint, platinum, and silver reflect. I don’t ‘see’ the mint in this shade, but it might just be me. 
  • Purple Horseshoe – Top Row, Far Right – A glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect.
  • Pink Heart – Bottom Row, Far Left – Pearl white with a pink opal reflect.
  • Lucky Clover – Bottom Row, Center – A shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect. FAVORITE SHADE OUTTA’ THIS ENTIRE GORRAM PALETTE! IT IS MARVELOUS!
  • Blue Moon –  Bottom Row, Far Right – Frozen blue with silver reflect.


From Left to Right: Blue Ice, Star, Purple Horseshoe, Pink Heart, Lucky Clover, and Blue Moon. 

Just like the rest of ABH’s Glow Kits, the consistency of each shadow/highlight in this palette is buttery-smooth and finely milled. Keep in mind; these shades have a little more reflect/micro glitter in them so you will experience the “glitter herpes” factor if you’re not careful. HA! Along with that, these powders are finely milled so be careful about how carefree you plunge your brush into each pan… it will kick up a lot of product.

As I showed you in my Glow Kit Tutorial, you can use these shades for more than just ‘highlighters.’ I have used these shades in my brows to add depth, on my eyes (especially as an inner corner highlight), on my Cupid’s bow, or patted on top of my lips to create a more metallic or ombre effect. I HIGHLY recommend trying these colors out on a black base, pictured below, because it is just magical.


So, yeah. That’s my review of ABH’s brand-new MOON CHILD Glow Kit. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have already picked up this palette, let me know what your favorite shade is in the comments below OR if you guys would like to see another ‘full face’ tutorial using this palette tell me in the comments as well.

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