If you are in the creative realm of things, be it writing, photography, artistry, makeup, etc… chances are you’ve found yourself in a rut from time to time. It happens, and it sucks BUT here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks to help push yourself out of the rut and onto the creativity superhighway. ZOOMY ZOOOOOOOOOM!

1 – Seek inspiration from your peers:

Take a look at social media, Pinterest, etc. and just look. Look through various hashtags, check out your friend’s profiles, look for traditional art, get sucked down a YouTube Auto-Play hole… the options are limitless. Just start with a seed of an idea and watch it grow.

I’ve gone ahead and shared a few of my favorite IG makeup artists below. Let me know if there is anyone that I should check out too. You guys know I am a sucker for bright, in-your-face makeup, and SFX… and I am always up for new artists.

DISCLAIMER: If you do take inspiration from a look that someone else created, please CREDIT THEM or at least share it with them. That way you don’t end up in the big middle of yet another “COPIED LOOK CATASTROPHE!” Because that’s not a good place to be…. just sayin’.

Don’t look just at makeup, if you are a makeup artist, look to the traditional or digital mediums as well. There are LOADS of ridiculously talented artists who use ink, paint, or pencil to create masterpieces. Fifty percent of my Instagram feed is comprised of traditional artists. Some of my favorite artists are: @marydoodles @audraauclair @loveteacupkisses and @samskylerart … but the list could go on and on and on.

2 – Walk OUTSIDE!

Not only will the act of going for a walk outside give you a healthy dose of fresh air and Vitamin D, aka vitamin DAYLIGHT, but it’s also just good for you. Use your phone’s camera to help you retain the things that capture your eye so that you can go back to them later.


Things that I like to draw inspiration from outside are: Plant life, bugs, sunsets/sunrises, season changes, urban graffiti, people’s outfits that I see when I’m out and about (although, I don’t tend to whip out my camera and take a picture… as that can get a bit awkward), the night sky, thunderstorms, fields, etc…. The world, in this sense, is your oyster.

Taken by me during vacation a few years ago... It's still one of my favorites
Taken by me during vacation a few years ago… It’s still one of my favorites

3 – Listen to Music / Watch TV & Movies:

Soak up what’s coming in your earholes or eyeholes. You can translate the feel of music into colors, get inspired by makeup looks or characters from film and TV, or just look at the cinematography. I would like to note that whenever you see a bunch of makeup artists doing a certain movie’s look, that’s because it’s on trend and will end up getting more views because it’s fresh in the public’s mind… and it’s popular. 

3.5 – Get inspired by books or comics.

Let your imagination run amuck while reading about distant worlds and the creatures that inhabit them. Imagine what they would look like, what they would wear, etc…

4 – Look at color palettes:

Color palettes are easy squeezy, lemon peezy when it comes to inspiration because they already have color combinations ready to go… duh. I love to create looks with 3-4 colors because it challenges me to come up with different ways of placing the color, etc.

There are tons of color palette websites and apps, too. One of my favorite sites is colourlovers.com. You can search for a specific color and see all the thousands of possible combinations.

My favorite method to try and get out of a makeup idea rut is to pick up one of my color palette books, flip through a few random pages, stop on one, then pass my hand over the page and randomly stop on a color palette. I’ll use that palette for a look if I can find all of the matching/similar colors…. but if I can’t, I’ll just do the picking process all over again. Maybe I might even start a YouTube Tutorial series using this method…. if that’s something that you’d like to see. Let me know in the comments, if so. 

5 – Just ask:

This tip is the simplest form of inspiration because you are just asking others around you what THEY would like to see.  I tend to do this a lot over on Twitter because I get a response faster than I would if I asked on another platform… so if you would like to help me out on future quests, you can find me @ohjaechaos, there.

You can either give them the option of picking out of a few looks, via a poll, or leave it completely open. Ask them who inspires them. Ask what colors or looks they would like to see… etc.

That’s it. Those are my top 5 tips and tricks to get the creativity flowing…

Again, if you have any other tips that go along with this topic, feel free to share them with us in the comments below. You all know I love to hear from yous guys… so don’t be shy. Also, I don’t know if this is just a weird random topic, but I hope that it helps in some way shape or form.



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