A few days ago my little family went to the Mall to go pick up and exchange some goodies from Williams Sonoma and Sephora. I was wearing my persimmon wig to hide my horrible (or thinning lack thereof) hair and had my standard “I feel like crap but I am going to have amazing makeup on” makeup… and of course, I was wearing my awesome polkadot Vogmask. (See picture below for the makeup of the day – it wasn’t completely crazy!)


So, not 5 minutes into the mall, we are stopped by Mr. Mall-Cop himself. I knew he was going to give me shit the moment I locked eyes with him. So he comes up to us, in all of his authoratative glory and says:

“Is that a Halloween costume. You are not allowed to wear any sort of Halloween masks in the mall. You need to take that off right now.”

First – I realize that there are certain people in this world who use Halloween as a time to dawn masks and do bad things – like shoplift. I get that, but I am clearly wearing a medical mask… albeit a very cute and stylish medical/surgical mask.  Second, he didn’t even hesitate for my response before he  told me to take my mask off. He just assumed that since I was wearing a weird colored wig and a mask that I was automatically out to do evil… and it was that fact that PISSED ME OFF. Naturally, I’m as calm as a cucumber on the outside – thankfully.

I took a breath and politely informed Mr. Mall-Cop that I did have an autoimmune disease and wore this medical grade mask because I have to. Trust me – if I didn’t have to take preventative measures NOT to get sick in public I wouldn’t be wearing those silly masks. He looked at me like I was lying… to which I continued to explain to him that I have Lupus and am required to wear a mask as a preventative measure because I have a compromised immune system. I didn’t feel the need to explain to him that the reason why I’m wearing a wig is because my hair is falling out and I am deeply insecure about it sometimes.

This is me at the last Eddie Izzard show (that's him in the background). I figured I'd give you an idea of what the masks look like, though this is my rainy day mask and not my polkadot one.

This is me at the last Eddie Izzard show (that’s him in the background). I figured I’d give you an idea of what the masks look like, though this is my rainy day mask and not my polkadot one – but still… same kind of thing. 

I could see the wheels in his head turning just trying to come up with a way to ask us to leave the Mall but luckily he thought better of it and just left. No “I’m sorry” or “Thank you for the clarification” – he just walked off. Most likely because he thought he was going to have the privilege of telling somebody off or telling them to leave.

Ha! Plan Thwarted. 

You’re not winning this time, Mr. Mall-Cop. Go worry about somebody actually causing trouble rather than bothering people who just happen to be colorful and artsy.

I’m sure that if I didn’t have the wig on or colorful makeup, he wouldn’t have said one word to me. He would have just assumed that I was sick and left me be. 

Oh well, c’est la vie. 



Products Used:

For the Eyes:

  • Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows: kittenparade | bulletproof  | flamepoint
  • Starcrushedminerals:  Torch
  • Urban Decay eyeshadows: slowburn | primal | skimp | undone | and heavymetal glitter liner in gold
  • Physicians Formula eyelash boosting serum liner
  • Benefit Cosmetics: They’re Real Mascara mascara


BONUS: this look was chosen for the Lit Cosmetics #glitterfriday competition top looks. I think I came in like 16 of 17 people… but hey it’s a start!

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