Oh reader, I get some of the silliest reactions when I wear my vibrant or Halloween makeup out in public. I’ve come to expect it. And while it’s extremely flattering for someone to compliment you on your ability to blend colors together on your eyelids I mostly do it because I like to. Sometimes it’s just because I at least want to feel good on the outside even if my insides are going completely bonkers. Makeup in it’s very essence is a form of self-expression and there are some days where I just like to change the status-quo of everyday life. (See video quote below: LOVE ME SOME DOCTOR HORRIBLE BTW!)

Anyways, this isn’t a life tidbit from one of those makeup times – it’s exactly the opposite and it is completely ridiculous.


Today was pretty normal as far as normal goes for me. I had to run some errands this evening and I didn’t have the energy to put on “going out in public” makeup, so I just grabbed my Vogmask and awesome paper boy hat (that I’ve had forever) and went out the door. [ Now, I should mention more times than not I get a frakton of weird or off-putting glances when I’m out in public while wearing my Vogmask. It’s normal. I’m used to it. I’d rather get weird glances all the time than catch someone’s plague and have to be put in the hospital.] 

So I am out minding my own business, completing my errands because I’m a big girl and then I stop off at Starbucks on the way home to grab a little reward for all my good behavior… like ya do.

I enter the establishment, there’s maybe 3 or 4 tables that are occupied (which is normal for that particular Starbucks) and I proceed to the cashier – which entails walking through the congregation of chairs and tables… then as I’m waiting for the barista to finish doing what she’s doing in the back and come out to take my drink order… I hear something. Something not so nice.

“Oh dear sweet baby Jesus, that girl ain’t wearing any makeup. She must not care about her appearance. She probably is a lesbian. That is just sad.”


… what the frak did I just hear? … are they talking about me?

Okay. At this point I realize that they’re talking about me and I am trying to keep my cool because underneath this devilish exterior I am foaming at the mouth from rage.

[Note: if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably experienced my post-event rant.]

Enter: MY RANT

Seriously?!? For starters, F*** it (and you, snobby lady sipping on your overpriced skinny half-calf caramel mocha-chinno).  I wear makeup for me, the amusement of my husband, and no one else.  Some days I just don’t have the time, patience, or energy to do my makeup. Hell, some days I have a lovely Mylar (SEE: BUTTERFLY RASH) flair-up on my face and I don’t want to agitate things by putting products on my skin. I’m even wearing a frelling Vogmask over half of my face so why should it even matter.

Secondly, as the daughter of an actual LESBIAN (not that that has anything to do with anything, just figured I would throw that out there), WTF does the lack of makeup have anything to do with SEXUAL ORIENTATION? If you went by that rule, all the drag queens would be, by definition, straight as a rail. (I’m not saying all drag queens are of alternate sexuality, I’m just speaking generally and from experience)

And lastly, what does it even matter? So I don’t have makeup on my face. I am showered and clean. I don’t have a rotten funk about me. I’m wearing a Vogmask out of medical necessity.

It took me a long time to be confident (or be it not give a flying frak) enough to go out in public without any makeup on. Strangers are way too judgmental and this is just another notch on the “maybe I should wear makeup EVERYWHERE” board but for now, I’m just getting this off of my chest and I am then going to go work on my cosplay outfit for this weekend’s Con.


Honestly, it is my belief that people who don’t have anything nice or positive to say should keep their thoughts to themselves… or at the very least make sure that I am out of earshot before they say their off-colour comment.

Wheaton’s Law, folks. DON’T BE A DICK.


Would you have reacted in a similar fashion? Would you have said something to the snobby lady? Let me know.

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