Just an update to let you guys know what’s been going on… and why I haven’t really been that active on social media.

If you would like to donate to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, here’s the link: http://wearethecure.org/

Thanks for sticking around. Give your dogs & cats lots of love, snuggles, and skritches from us, please.  Once I can get a better handle on things, I am planning on writing up a blog post about Bently and his awesome adventures. I’m just not there yet.

016bb453da95c3ab959299b580b22293dda8191d1dAnd in closing: FUCK CANCER!


  1. Got so much love for you and Bently ❤💙💛❤💛💙❤

  2. Utterly heartbroken for you. Sending so much love as I squeeze my oldest fur baby close. Wishing you and Mr. Chaos comfort while you grieve. Thanks for sharing those little video clips of Bently at the end, I can see why he was your super sidekick! ♥♥♥

    • Thank you, Rhi! I passed your comment on to Mr. Chaos and we both, deeply, appreciate it. I’m glad you liked the end clips of B. I have probably watched that little collage every day since posting it. You are awesome and I always appreciate your awesomeness and support!

  3. So so sorry for your loss. Spent the last hour or so reading through your blog and I’m really inspired – you’re so amazingly positive and fun in everything and really shouldn’t have to go through such heartbreak 🙁
    lots and lots of love ♥

    • Thank you for all your kind words and support, Lisa. It really makes me happy that you have enjoyed my little musings/ramblings on here. <3 You are awesome and you have made my day.

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