Dear Instagram, 

We need to talk.

I know we’ve had our good times, and through you, I’ve met so many amazing people, but you’ve changed…. and it’s not for the better.

It all started happening a few months ago, slowly at first. I heard that you may be changing but I, being the positive panda, thought that ‘meh, we would get through this. We always have before. You know how people like to gossip and all… drama is the way to attention these days. I didn’t want to think that we would have hard times to come. I know that all relationships have hard times, but still… we were small and mighty.

We were like the BFFs in middle school, except now we’re in high school and you just got accepted into the popular clique. You’ve left our small group behind for bigger and better things – like popularity, financial riches, and fame. I know you recently were adopted by that rich family, the Facebookers, and as hard as I try not holding it against you… you are making it harder and harder not to.

You know how I have a thing for nerds and numbers. Your algorithm at first sounded like it might improve our relationship. Cut out the spam and fat, as it were… but you have let it get to your head. 

Slowly, you sold out to companies and they started coming around when we would hang out. Then, my friends would start to disappear… it wasn’t drastic at first, but one-by-one… they just weren’t there, like they weren’t invited to the party or if they were, it was because I actively hunted them down – down and the desolate moldy corner in your basement. You told me if I hung out with them more, it would be easier to hang out… but that’s not been the case no matter how much I’ve tried. And yet, I stay. Transfixed.

Peers would come up to me and say “I haven’t seen you in ages” … even though I was present even more now… they just didn’t see me. They couldn’t see me.

Now it’s like you do not know what time is, or how it progresses. Everything in your house is jumbled. Forwards and backwards… time is no longer a steadfast measure of moments. You love to dote on your famous friends and sponsors.

… all the while leaving us in the dust.

Every time I look at you that annoying little voice (… the one that’s a cynic and right) tells me that “Nothing in life is free…” and I guess for our relationship it’s true. I miss the days where life with you was much simpler. No need to worry if I’m showing up to your little house party with enough “attention grabbing” stuff so that people will pay attention to me. Not even 10% of my friends see me anymore. I’m not saying that before the ‘change’ all 3.7k would hang out with me on a daily basis… but now I’m lucky if MAYBE seventy-five of those friends hang out to chat. It’s like you are ashamed of me… you do not want me to be seen. We little guys are having a harder time getting invited to your party… as it were. We are lost in a sea of faces and hashtags.

Before all of this, you gave us a sense of secure community. A sense of belonging… to what we weren’t sure, and didn’t care, but it was comfort never the less. No longer are you the friend who would keep me company with concise recounts of my friends’ adventures, chronologically, through the wee hours of the night when I can’t sleep.

You’ve forgotten your roots. Your humble beginnings. Trading them in for brand deals, lavish parties full of celebrities and champagne with your new family… forgetting your first family. The one who helped get you to where you were today.

I visit you now and don’t really recognise what you are trying to become. You’re this amalgam of the shadow you were with the bright lights of what everyone else thinks you should be. You have literally sold your “soul,” and by soul, I mean the essence of what made you so awesome. I don’t need the fancy video feature that “chronicles” my stories… then deletes them the next day. If I wanted that, I’d visit my other friend’s house. You know the one…

You are not that friend. You are Instagram. And while you are adopted by the infamous Facebookers… you are not them either. I know we all change over time, but please take a moment to listen to us.


I miss the old you. 

We all do. 


[Disclaimer: This post is a dramatization about my views on Instagram’s recent changes. I attempted to change the concept a bit and personify the mighty IG for my readers.]



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  1. Instagram and FB are basically impossible to get visibility if you don’t pay and I think it’s BS. I have to visit separate profiles of the people I enjoy seeing just to make sure I’m not missing out and the algorithm BS is just another in a long string of “features” that worsen my experience instead of improve it. Being an indie author, exposure and reach are two things that I work hard for and with these changes, small accounts are getting shafted by the “new and improved” things. Anyways, here’s to the bright spots on social media that justify the madness 😀 Cheers

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