Oh geez. A lot has happened between my last post and now, but I think I’ll save the recap for later.
Right now, I’d like to announce that my YouTube channel is rising back up from the dust *(and moldy food you left under the bed) just in time for Christmas!

Anyways, for now here’s the brief Twitter rundown of what’s been happening: Mr got a job,  we had to fix up and then sell our house, moved 1500+ miles, lived in a tiny temporary apartment for two months, bought a house just in time, moved in, and now we’re fixing it up.

How have you been!? Are you ready for the makeup tutorial that’s coming tomorrow? Tell me all about what’s been going on with you in the comments below! Also, while you’re down there go ahead and let me know what you would like to see from me (content wise) over the next two-ish weeks. Pretty please?!



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