It snowed this past weekend, like ACTUALLY SNOWED! The ground was white and there was even big, ole’ fat snowflakes falling from the sky for a little bit. Heaven, it was.

As far as winters go, this year has been such a disappointment for my inner, five-year-old self. I grew up where there was actual snow during the winters, rather than just freezing cold temperatures and ice a handful of times during the “winter” months. I can’t believe there were only four times this winter when it technically snowed. No more than 4 inches, mind you, but I will take all that I can get. I love snow. The week before last the highs were in the 70s. IN FEBRUARY! What the crack?!

Friday night into Saturday it snowed and it was beautiful. Most of the time it was just off and on tiny little flakes but for an hour Saturday morning there were BIG flakes… and I had to slap my face on and go take some pictures out in it.


I also wanted to use the opportunity to take more shots of my awesome Warrior Princess wig from Geisha Wigs. It was the first wig that I bought from Maria and it’s awesome. It is completely unique. I have never found a dreadlock wig that looks as realistic and awesome as this one. They have two other dreadlock style wigs (Venus and Aphrodite) and both are on my list down the road.

As far as the wig goes, the Warrior Princess wig is a full dreadlock wig. It’s red, auburn, and dark brown in color and the texture of the wig varies in a few different dread styles. Some are braids and the size of the dreads vary in length and thickness. The wig comes prestyled with the front dreads pinned back but it is easy to restyle. I will do a detailed post about the wig itself, if you’d like. I am hoping to start blogging more, spoons-willing.

Oh! So… speaking of Geisha Wigs, the lovely Maria was taking applications for International Wig Models for her lovely company and I am so lucky to have been chosen. Yay! I should get my first official wig to model by April. I am so frakking excited. WOO HOO! In the meantime, I will continue to rock my Warrior Princess wig and my Green Fever wig. I ordered the Bearcub wig last week as a late birthday present and I can’t wait for it to get here.


Sweater and Fuzzy Hat are from Target circa ’13. Makeup brands used: Kat Von D, Sephora (Pantone), NYX, Urban Decay, and Lorac. Wig is the Warrior Princess Wig from Geisha Wigs (obviously).

Also, the ’95 Tank Girl movie is weird… it is also on Netflix. Does it remind anyone else of the 90s kung-fu, kangaroo movie called Warriors of Virtue.

How are all of you doing? Did you have a good start to your week?

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