Happy New Years, Dah’lins! For starters, is it just me or did this past year fly by quicker than the Flash? It’s like I blinked once and it was April, and now it’s January 2016. Riddick-u-lous!

2015 was definitely A year. Sometimes it was the good ridiculous while others… not so much. This was a year filled with changes, fisticuffs with the spoonie-life, taking leaps, unexpected goodbyes, and lots of makeup and various nerdery. I’ve made several new friends gained a marvelous nerd makeup familia, celebrated a whole five years with Mr. Chaos and spent many hours coloring coloring books and playing Bejewelled. It was a good year for makeup, but more on that in a separate blog post.

Another year come and gone, so with that, we take a moment to look back. Here are some of my favorite makeup looks from the year… since it’s a good place to start.


As you can probably tell, my hair was a horse of a different color. Gotta love wigs! This about a little over halfway through the year my doc started me on chemo meds and that, in combination with the other spoonie suck, my hair kind of went by the wayside. I was fortunate enough to be a wig model for the former Geisha Wigs, which was awesome. Speaking of wigs, I’m going to start up a weekly “thing” on Wednesdays focusing on wigs and how to do all the things.


Boy’o’boy, is it just me or do I really like winged eyeliner. Hahahahaha. I am constantly a sucker for color, and IT CANNOT BE STOPPED! It’s funny how everyone seems to be in love with more neutral makeup, and I’m all over here like Oprah with the color. “And you get some color! And you get some color! And YOU get some color!”


The beginning of the year started out strong in the lip art department and then slightly trailed off towards the end as I began to focus more on eye looks. A good thing about looking back at the past year has reminded me how much fun I had creating all of the lip looks. The will be making a comeback in 2016. *wink wink nod nod* One of the big highlights of the year was when Sugarpill shared my purple / silver lip look. I almost died and went to Senpai heaven. Hahahahaha.


2015 was the first year that I’ve taken great, nerdalicious pride in my nails as well. Espionage Cosmetics’ Nail Wraps made my world so much easier when it comes to nail art. Love, love, love them! I think my top three for the year were the Wyvern Scales wraps, the Ludicrous Speed wraps, and Fibanocci wraps!

This year I had the opportunity to do two epic collaborations: one that was “Pop Art DC Villains”-themed …

CHECK OUT OUR AWESOME DC POP ART VILLAINS COLLAB! (Organized by the oh-so-very lovely and magical @pastelpegasus) @sweetleopard_ as Bane @parkerpaints as The Flaming (yes, he’s an awesome Batman villain) @makeupmouse as Catwoman Me as The Joker @pastelpegasus as Harley Quinn @designsbydane as Poison Ivan This was such a fun collab to be a part of and I highly suggest that you go stalk each and every one of these people because they are so talented and awesome and AMAZEBALLS!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #the joker #batman #villains #bodypaint #bodyart #facepaint #popart #catwoman #harleyquinn #makeup #mua #igmuas #sfx #spfx #sugarpill #dccomics #bane #catwoman #theflamingo #comics #fandom #nerd #geek #mehronmakeup #kryolan #graftobian #ohjaechaos

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… and one with my fellow Nerd Makeup Ambassadors where we fused Hogwarts houses with mermaids! It was magical and glorious!

Hooray for three things: FRIDAYS, MERMAIDS, and HOGWARTS! I am so excited to finally share this with you all, my dah’lings. This is our epic Mermaid-Hogwarts Houses mashup collab with my lovely @espionage_cosmetics NERD MAKEUP MISFITS / MAKEUP AMBASSADORS! ❤️Gryffindor: @thepryncess ❤️ 💚Slytherinth: myself (@ohjaechaos)💚 💛Hufflepuff: @bangbangbetty1 💛 💙Ravenclaw: @itslittlered 💙 [all with a little magical editing by me, because what’s a Hogwarts themed collab without a little magic! Go go gadget photoshop 😂] This collab was so much fun and there will be plenty more to come but in the meantime, I would like to know what house YOU would belong to? If you like what you see, go on and tap the picture and check out all of these other super talented ladies! You won’t regret it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #espionagecosmetics #nerdmakeupmisfits #hogwarts #harrypotter #slytherinth #griffindor #hufflepuff #ravenclaw #mermaids #rockstarwigs #pennydreads #nerdmakeup #fandom #awesomeisacolor #glitter #mehronmakeup #magic #igmuas #mua #makeup #makeupartist #collab #magical #bodypaint #facepaint

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This year I also debuted one of my best cosplays thus far at Tulsa Wizard World this past fall. It was unbelievable! I got to pay homage to one of my cinematic heroes, John Candy, as Barf (from Spaceballs). It was such an incredible experience, even if I was only there for a day, instead of a weekend, haha. It was even worth the three weeks of payback from the spoon-expendature. Hahaha.



Life kept throwing curveballs our way, and fortunately enough we manage to make it through, mostly unscathed. Luckily, I am blessed with an incredible husband, little weirdo family and talented friends. They keep me sane. I am truly grateful for each of them. My trusty sidekick, Bently, is just as steadfast as ever. While 2015 started out fantastic and filled with promise, March was gutwrenching. May brought lots of close calls with severe weather/tornadoes and our house flooded a bit. Health-wise, it just kept getting more and more frustrating… Even though there were lots of negative, non-awesome things that happened, each left me with room to grow, to overcome, and to learn to live every day and cling to the good rather than focusing on the negative. There’s a reason my mantra is “Stay Positive and Be Awesome”… it’s something that I need to remind myself, constantly … but enough about this serious topic, moving on!

Just remember: No matter how hard things get, you are never alone. There are people who love you and who are there for you when you are in your darkest hour.

Random bit of useless trivia: Oklahoma was named Earthquake Capital of the World in 2015. How exciting?! It’s like real life rock and roll. Hahahahaha!


Enough looking back… now is the time to look forward. 2016 is a fresh start! It is time to make the most of every day we are given and to rock the faces off of all of those haters and nay-sayers. My goals for the year are to revitalize this humble little blog, keep fighting my Spoonie battle without it getting the best of me, and to not hold my creativity back. I might even start my YouTube channel back up, Jayne-willing.


I hope that your 2015 left you wiser and braver than it started and that your 2016 will be full of adventure and awesomeness! You all constantly inspire me with your amazing talent and brilliance! I truly appreciate each and everyone one of you and think that you are the bees knees and the cat’s onesies (because pajamas are so last year…hahahaha)!

Let’s make 2016 a year to remember!!!

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