Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions that I’ve received. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact via email or DM on social media.
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::Makeup / Beauty::

Are you a Makeup Artist? Do you do it professionally?
Did you go to school to become a Makeup Artist?
Where do you purchase your wigs?
Where do you get your SFX Contacts?
What foundation do you use?
What are some of your favorite makeup products?
How do you create your digital Face Charts?
Can I recreate one of your looks and face charts?
Do you take requests for tutorials and looks?
Do you do collaborations with other Makeup Artists or Makeup Brands?

::Tech Questions::

Why are your pictures so good? Are you a professional photographer?
Are you a model?
What type of Camera do you use?
What editing software programs do you use?
Can you teach me your ways?

PR / Sponsored Content Opportunities:

Our company would like to sponsor content on jaeCHAOS.com.
We want to send you something. Is that alright?
Who are you currently affiliated with
What brands have you worked with in the past?
Product Photography Inquiries
Do you have a P.O. Box?
What sorts of sponsored review posts are you looking for

:: Life / General::

Alter-Ego, eh? jaeCHAOS isn't your REAL NAME?
Sick? What happened to your spoons? I'm confused.
What are some of your favorite fandoms?
Are you single?
Cosplay? Everyday Cosplay
Your life seems so glamorous. What do you do in your spare time?
I want to send you fan mail. Is that okay?
What is the best way to contact you?

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  1. Hi there
    I am an old(er) young-inside woman who only uses basic makeup. In fact, make-up etc. has never been something I know a lot about. I saw a link to your ‘simple, no make-up make-up’ post on gawker and was hoping to learn how to do it, but when I click the link I can’t figure out how to watch the how-to video. Normally, I would ask my daughter, but she was recently moved. The only video is the short intro one.. is there something broken or can you send me instructions?

    PS Older = 47 but I look younger and am lucky to have genetically decent skin and a deep interest in health. Not sure if that matters for make-up or not.

    • Hi Maryanne,

      I am so sorry that my video link was broken. I guess the last time I updated my site it broke all of my earlier YouTube links. I am going through and fixing all of my posts / double checking them to make sure that they work. Here’s the link to my YT tutorial for the look you were interested in

      Please let me know if you have any more questions. I would be more than happy to answer them. Have an awesome day and thank you again for stopping by.

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