Don’t mess with my Sestras!

If you are a fan of the series, Orphan Black, you probably know that Helena takes the cake in the psychotic department but has a heart of gold. I wanted to kick off my Orphan Black Clone Club series with her because she’s my favorite… and I can. Cosima is a close second, but I don’t have an appropriate wig for her just yet, so… her tutorial will come, in time. orphanblack-helenacosplay-tutorial-ohjaechaos-2

Anyways… last weekend was Wizard World Tulsa, and I was planning to go, but my chemo infusion was this past Monday so that through a wrench in my plans. Had I gone, this was going to be one of my three cosplay looks for the con. I decided to share my tutorial with you guys for the 13DoH… and here we are. I know I’ve kinda fallen off the bandwagon with the daily tutorials. Being a spoonie in the middle of a nasty flare plus post-infusion suckiness has thrown a wrench into the schedule, and I’ve already burned through all the tutorials that I’ve pre-filmed. I’m kicking myself for not filming more looks leading up to this madness, but I am going to try my darndest to finish with a bang.  Afterward, I will play catch up with the tutorials that were missed…because let’s face it – HALLOWEEN is an all year thing for me. *wink wink*


Helena’s outfit and cosplay makeup for this look comes from Season 1, primarily. She tends to rock the infected eye look for most of the series, but the outfit is specific. If you are going to cosplay as this version of Helena (which I think is the easiest out of the seasons) you will need:

  • A blonde, curly wig with dark roots – preferably a lace front wig. If we are going for a more screen accurate look, I should have trimmed this wig a little shorter. It looks a little janky because I took a heat gun to it to try and relax the curls… which didn’t turn out so well. I need to completely straighten it and re-curl the darn thing, but I didn’t have enough time to do so before I filmed this tutorial.
  • An olive green coat with a fur lined hood I bought my coat last year from Hot Topic when their Orphan Black line came out, but they have since sold out of everything in their line.
  • A dirty white or off-white tank top. I just took one of my old white tank tops and used my alcohol activated makeup and a stippling sponge to dirty up the top of the tank, making it look like I’ve been sweaty and dirty, etc.
  • Black jeggings:
  • Black Combat Boots
  • Faux weapons like knives, a handgun, and sniper rifle – if you can swing it.  This time of year is great for gathering up cosplay weapons thanks to all the Halloween stores that pop up everywhere.




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