Greetings, Dahlings underlings. I am the King of the Ice Goblins. Obey me or suffer my icy wrath.


So far, this has got to be one of my FAVORITE SFX makeups that I have created this season. I wanted to stretch my shading legs and create something that transforms my face shape drastically. I think this task was accomplished. Just keep in mind that this tutorial will take you a while, but the result is WORTH IT!

Pro tip: When changing your face shape through severe contouring: always go from the lightest shadow tones to the darkest… and blend like a friggin blending fiend. This took me about TWO hours to complete.

Oh! And if you are wearing this out – I suggest some type of sleeveless shirt or pleather/goth corset or waist cincher… AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE A FRIEND HELP YOU OUT ON YOUR BACK TO TIE THE WHOLE LOOK TOGETHER. I can get away with not doing my back for these sorts of tutorials because you guys don’t see them. Lucky me!


DIY: Ice Crown

Supplies: Glue sticks (approx. 15 mini glue sticks or 8 long glue sticks), Glue Gun, a safe working area that won’t stick to the glue (I used a large flooring tile), and a fabric ruler or some masking tape.
Time to complete: 30-ish minutes from start to finish.

  1. Clean off your working space and plug in your glue gun. I like to work on large flooring tiles because they’re cheap to get ahold of and they don’t adhere to most crafting supplies that I use… like hot glue. PS: glue guns get hot. Don’t burn your flesh. That’s not cute.
  2. Measure the diameter of your cranium where you would like the crown to sit. Mine ended up being 18.”
  3. Start at the middle point of your measurement and create long, scraggly shapes with the hot glue. Connect the glue “icicles” together at their base as you go along leaving about a half of an inch band at the bottom, for stability.
  4. As you work out towards the ends, shorten the height of your icicles.
  5. Once your strip of icicles are finished, make about 15 to 2o extra icicles, of varying height.
  6. After the individual icicles have finished cooling down, glue them to the center of the crown. The extra bits will help strengthen it as well as giving it a little more dimension and texture.
  7. Wait for everything to cool down.
  8. Then glue the ends together.
  9. Optional: You can spray paint the crown, apply glitter all over it, etc. The choice is yours.


Story Time:

I like to share my creations with a few folks the day, or more realistically – night, I create them. I especially like going through drive-thrus and brightening the establishment employees’ days. This look was no exception. I went to two donut shops and a Jack-In-The-Box (who have excellent Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges) at around 3am in the morning. Two out of the three places I gave quite a fright… and the third ended up turning into an excellent conversation about cosplay, AND I got a discount on my donuts. HELL YES! MUWAH HA HA HA!  

One of my other looks, that probably won’t see the light of day because I HATED it and ended up redoing it in an entirely different style gave one of the best reactions to someone at Mackers. Oh man, did I give her a fright… and she had to walk away from the window for a little bit. I ended up feeling a little sorry about it… but at the same time, oh man, it gave me such a great 10-minute laughing fit, after the fact. I just wish I would have recorded it.



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Stay spooky and keep an eye out for another tutorial coming at ‘cha today… as I am still trying to play catch up with these looks. Oh! Speaking of that, I want to apologize for today – it was my chemo infusion day, and I also ended up at the dentist. Boo! Needless to say by the end of it, I came home and passed out without even hitting publish to my post. Sorry, dah’lings! I’m trying, I promise! 


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  1. Yaaaaaaas! I think this is my favorite so far. You mom is so right. You are so otherworldly in this! What a beautiful makeup.

    I’ve had my 7 year old watching these with me every day and she has been loving them. Her reaction to this one was, “O-M-G that is so coooool!”. 😀

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